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By Gwenn Bonnell

A Potential Confrontation Turns Peaceful with EFT

It takes two to tango, and when one partner uses EFT in the moment to diffuse a ticking time bomb, a potential confrontation turns peaceful.

A new student of mine, I'll call her Angie, attended her first EFT class where she learned the basics of EFT. Angie's homework assignment for the week was to practice EFT for herself. Here is her report:

"Just a few days after class, my husband, Daryl, came home from work ready to pick a fight. This was his pattern after a bad day at work…it doesn't really matter what the fight was about, it was just his way of blowing off steam. I recognized what was happening the moment he walked in the house."

"He went upstairs to change, and I had just a few moments to use EFT for the instant anger that welled up inside of me the moment Daryl began pushing my buttons. I wasn't even sure I was tapping on the right points or using the correct language (my EFT Chart wasn't handy). I just began tapping every point I could remember and saying things like, “Even though Daryl wants to fight, and he's pushing all my buttons, and I'm angry, I accept myself,” and repeating “I'm angry at Daryl,” “I don't want to fight with Daryl,” and “He drives me crazy when he does this.”

"Almost immediately, I could feel my anger dissolve! I just found it amazing that EFT could work so quickly, even when I wasn't sure I was doing it “correctly.” I certainly felt calmer. And because I wasn't so emotional anymore, I realized that it takes two to tango.

"When Daryl came downstairs, the fight fizzled instantly…I was able to stay detached and rational. EFT changed the evening from a disaster to a delight!"

GWENN’s NOTE: Angie demonstrates how valuable EFT can be “in the moment.” Using EFT BEFORE any situation you think might turn confrontational helps keep you calm and rational. (This can be especially helpful in the work environment and in family situations.) Of course, more practiced EFTers can address the underlying emotional triggers and diffuse the potential for any future confrontations.

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