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Successful Arm Wrestling with Just 2 Fingers

By Gwenn Bonnell

Many of you have read Gary Craig's email where I explained my experience on a recent radio program and then contacted me, wanting to know exactly what "tracing the stomach meridian backwards" involves. Here is the story of what I did on the show followed by an explanation of exactly how to trace the stomach meridian backwards (thanks to Joachim for his most excellent graphics).

Friday, 9/20/02, I was a guest on the Richard Simmons Show, WAXY 790 AM in south Florida and Jukebox Radio in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island and eastern Pennsylvania. The "hook" for the show was that I was going to beat the host in "arm wrestling." He could use his arm and I'd use two fingers. What I was really doing was energy/muscle testing him and explaining how the energy system affects us physically. He was strong to begin with, then I "traced" his stomach meridian backwards, without touching him, explaining that I was in his energy "field." Then I was able to push his arm down using only two fingers. He was speechless! (Not a good thing for radio. Next time, I'll have to comment more, saying something like, "Richard, is that the best you can do? Can't you resist me a LITTLE bit?"

He then wanted a rematch, so I pushed his arm down with ONE finger. This time he was a bit more animated about it. Then, to get him strong again, I had him tap under the eyes, explaining this was a point we use in EFT and what he's doing is tapping and balancing the energy in the meridian that I traced to weaken him. Now he was REALLY strong, even stronger that he was in the beginning. I'd love to do this visually, it was a hoot!


The "arm wrestling" technique I used with the host of the radio show is a simple muscle, or energy, test. Two persons are needed. One person holds one arm out to their side, at shoulder height, parallel to the ground. The other person then presses down with two fingers above the wrist of the extended arm while the first person resists the downward pressure with all their strength. There is an art to this technique, however, these are the mechanics of the process.

At first I tested Richard's arm "in the clear," just to get a feel for how strong he really was. Since this was "entertainment" and not a scientific demonstration, I pressed down on his arm with my full hand and was able to budge it only a bit. After I traced the Stomach Meridian backwards, I then used only two fingers to press his arm to his side. And after he wanted a rematch, I then used my index finer only and once again was able to easily press his arm to his side.


Meridians are pathways of energy flowing throughout the body. Each meridian passes through and affects our organs, our physiological systems, and our emotions. There are 14 meridians, and 12 of these exist in pairs on both sides of the body. Two meridians, the Central Meridian and Governing Meridian, circle the center of the body and do not have a pair. The STOMACH MERIDIAN is paired, and exists on the left and right side of the body. Tracing any meridian backwards, i.e. from it's ending point to it's starting point, takes energy away from, or sedates, that meridian. Tracing any meridian forward, i.e. from it's starting point to it's ending point, brings energy into, or energizes, it.


I used my open hands to trace the meridian, with my palms facing his body, about three inches or so in front of it. Starting with my hands facing his second toe, I went straight up the front of each leg, in at the groin, up the stomach on each side of the belly button, out over each breast, in to the neck, up the center of the face on each side of the nose to the hairline, circled around the outside of each eye to the jawbone, and back up underneath the center of each eye. Note I ended at the "Under Eye" Point that we use in the EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) process. After this, I was able to press Richard's arm down with only a finger or two while he tried to keep his arm up with all his strength.

Tracing the stomach meridian


Then, to prove the effectiveness of EFT at "balancing" the energy flow in the body, I had Richard tap under each eye, the "Under Eye" point we use in EFT. This is actually an acupressure or acupuncture point, ST-1, or the first point along the stomach meridian. The concept behind EFT is that tapping on these various acupressure/acupuncture points straightens out the energy system, or balances the flow of energy through the meridians, while your mind is focused on a specific issue that previously would cause a disruption in the energy system and therefore some sort of physical, emotional, mental or emotional stress or discomfort.

In Richard's case, disrupting the flow of energy in the Stomach Meridian by tracing it backwards caused him to lose physical strength. Tapping on the Under Eye points restored balance to the meridian, and when I again tested his arm, he was even stronger than the first time I tested him - in fact, I couldn't push his arm down with two hands! This is a fun way to get someone's attention AND to "prove" the effectiveness of tapping.


For an article on how you can energy test yourself, read "Test Before You Ingest" .

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