Tap Into Heaven with EFT and Energy Medicine

DONNA EDEN Master Healer

Interview by Gwenn Bonnell

Donna Eden has that rare ability to see, feel and transform energy. She can recognize an individual's energy pattern and consistently pinpoint the deepest source of a problem. And then explain it in practical terms. Not only does Donna correct imbalances, she gives YOU the power to maintain and improve your body's energy, sharpen your mind and renew your spirit! Donna and her husband, David Feinstein, are the authors of Energy Medicine (1998 Tarcher/Putnam), a must-have for anyone who wants to take control of their health, joy and vitality. Her Energy Healing videos are especially valuable for healing professionals. I learn simple and effective techniques every time I attend a seminar by Donna and David. Both are very special souls dedicated to improving lives. You owe it to yourself and your health to take advantage of their appearance at the Body, Mind & Spirit Expo on January 6, 2002, at the Broward County Convention Center. In the words of Angie Dickinson, "As soon as Donna enters a room, healing begins."

GWENN: I appreciate you sharing your time, Donna and David, I know your schedule is hectic. This means so much to us here in South Florida!

DONNA: Thank you, Gwenn.

GWENN: Please tell us your story, Donna. How did you get involved in healing and working with the body's energies?

DONNA: I could be the poster girl for what I teach. Throughout my childhood and early years as an adult, I faced lots of illnesses that doctors couldn't help me with - Multiple Sclerosis, terrible food allergies and hay fever, severe asthma, and hypoglycemia, to name a few. Being so sensitive certainly had its disadvantages and advantages. My body was vulnerable to outside influences but I was also very in touch with the energies of myself and others. I finally had to figure out how to work with those energies to make myself healthy. Working with my own body helped me realize that I could help others as well.

As I studied a variety of modalities and came into contact with many other healers, I realized there is a whole new field developing from an ancient discipline.

GWENN: It is so fascinating to watch you read someone's energy field and discern what they specifically need to improve their health. How did you develop this ability?

DONNA: I've always seen energy. In fact, I believe that everyone is born with the ability to sense the body's energies but because our culture doesn't reinforce this, we lose it very early in life - usually about the time we begin to speak since we then have so many other things to learn. I've encouraged several people in my home town of Ashland, Oregon, to talk with their infants about the body's energy. Now there's several children growing up there who still have this ability.

I happen to have a mother who saw the body's energies and talked about it and kept this alive in me. My brother and sister also see energy. But my brother is a bit embarrassed about this; it's not a topic he brings up with his friends.

GWENN: Can anyone develop, or redevelop, this talent?

DONNA: Virtually anyone can feel energy. By circling your hand over one of the body's chakras,* you will sense that you are moving through something or will at least feel a sensation in your hand. And you may develop the ability to register energy in other senses. In addition to being able to see it, some people can taste, hear, smell, or otherwise sense it. Because they spend time working with the body's subtle energy system, many of my students spontaneously develop the capacity to feel and see energy more distinctly.

*Gwenn's note: Chakras are energy centers in the body. There are seven major chakras that travel from the base of the spine to the top of the head.

GWENN: The techniques you give us to improve our energy systems are very simple and effective. When I saw you in Toronto (Energy Psychology Conference, Nov. 2001), you remarked that tapping (EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques) works because it emulates the heart beating to a rhythm. Is this why Energy Medicine is so effective?

DONNA: Energy Medicine is simply working with the body's electromagnetic and more subtle energies to promote health and well being. It works because the healer's hands carry energies that can be measured and that optimize the flow of energy in the body. If the flow is blocked or otherwise disturbed, the body doesn't function as well. In this state, we don't feel as well physically, psychologically or spiritually, and the mind doesn't work as well.

Learning the language our body already understands puts us in touch with the healer inside of us. Our body's energy speaks with wavelengths, vibrations, and pulses. The more fluent we become with this language, the more skillfully we can enhance our body, mind and spirit. The body wants to heal. By returning to practices that are natural and familiar, we can take personal authority for our health, healing and happiness.

GWENN: The whole world is experiencing some challenging times. Is there anything you recommend we do to offset the energies in the world today?


PUBLISHED Natural Awakenings Magazine, Broward Edition, Jan. 2002.
PUBLISHED Natural Awakenings Magazine, Dade Edition, Jan. 2002.