Tap Into Heaven with EFT and Energy Medicine


by Gwenn Bonnell

Just imagine what your life would be like if you had instant pain relief at your fingertips. Now, amazing modern methods hold the secret to putting pain on ice, rubbing out soreness, and loosening stiffness so you can enjoy youthful energy, vibrant health and those delicious playful moments you thought were gone for good.

Has your life ever been interrupted by pain? Perhaps a sports injury that requires painful rehabilitation stops you from enjoying your favorite sport? Or a chronic condition makes it impossible to truly enjoy life? EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) can get you off the sidelines and back into the action.

My friend Eileen’s rollerblading was put on hold when she fell and fractured her elbow in four places. After her cast was removed, physical therapy was unendurable...trying to straighten her arm out from the elbow hurt so much that she invented “new ways of swearing.” This excessive pain inhibited her recovery…until an EFT session.

Afterwards, though the elbow was still sore, the extreme pain while stretching the arm was gone. In fact, her physical therapist asked, “Aren't I hurting you?” as Eileen was able to straighten her arm without screaming. This was totally impossible before EFT. She continued therapy without the intense pain, recovered full motion in her arm, and now is enjoying rollerblading again.

Walking, jogging, and playing tennis contribute to my Mother's fitness (she holds the Senior Olympic Gold Medal for tennis in her age group). Last winter, she developed a burning pain in her hip while jogging. It would especially hurt AFTER she exercised, and was intense enough that she visited her doctor. She had to quit walking and jogging for a good two weeks before the pain subsided. But once she began playing tennis and walking the dogs, the same burning hip pain returned. This time, she was lucky enough to be visiting me, and we experimented with EFT.

During the session, the pain completely disappeared. Even when emulating the same motion that would previously cause the discomfort, and the pain did not return. She was also able to jog with no pain. And she stayed pain-free after playing in a tennis tournament (both singles and doubles) the very next weekend.

The real test, however, was returning to Pennsylvania in the middle of winter. Mom was apprehensive that the cold weather would cause the pain to return. That was not the case…it's been almost a year now, and she continues to jog and play tennis pain-free.

My own introduction to EFT was due to intense, burning leg pain that would incapacitate me after standing for only 10 or 15 minutes. This pain was a constant companion for 12 years of my life, stopping me from any sort of exercise that involved standing on my feet, including walking, jogging, tennis, or even shopping. I saw specialist after specialist, had one test after another, and the best the medical profession could tell me was to sit with my foot elevated above my heart -- not exactly an active life style.

After one EFT session, my entire life changed. Not only did the pain go away, it stayed away! After a few days of actually being able to grocery shop and prepare dinner pain-free, I began to realize that a miracle had occurred. Shopping, vacuuming, and socializing became a part of my life once again. I even took up yoga! To this day, I still have freedom from that burning pain!

Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT, has helped millions of people worldwide. Simply tapping on certain acupuncture points can alleviate specific symptoms, including all kinds of pain and painful emotions. Because EFT affects the basic energies of the human body, its effects are felt on all levels---physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Although still considered in the experimental stage, EFT is extremely effective in clinical settings with an experienced practitioner. Everyone should know the basics of this useful tool, which can be done for yourself or your loved ones. Since there are no negative side effects, you can experiment for yourself:

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  1. Focus in on a specific pain or soreness, and rate it's intensity on a scale from 0 to 10, 10 being the most intense.
  2. Repeat Three Times: “Even though I have this problem, I deeply & completely accept myself.”
  3. While continuously tapping the “Karate Chop” point with your fingertips. (The Karate Chop Point is the fleshy part of the hand below the outside of the little finger, the area that is contacted when you make a karate chop motion on the side of a table.)
  4. Tap about five times on each of the following points while repeating a “Reminder Phrase” and focusing on the problem. (The best Reminder Phrase is a few word description of the problem.)

    2. TH (Top of the Head)
    3. EB (Eyebrow )
    4. SE (Side of Eye)
    5. UE (Under Eye)
    6. UN (Under Nose)
    7. CH (Chin)
    8. CB (Collarbone)
    9. UA (Under the Arm)
  5. Focus on the specific pain or soreness; re-rate the intensity. If not yet at a zero, apply the Tapping Procedure again.

PUBLISHED Natural Awakenings Magazine, Ft. Lauderdale Edition, January 2003

Gwenn Bonnell is an International Energy Coach & Trainer and the author of many programs that will teach you how to use EFT and Energy Medicine to boost your energy, improve your health, remove your blocks to success, reduce stress and bring zest back into your life...

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The information in this article is for educational purposes only. This technique is not intended as a substitute for the medical recommendations of physicians or other healthcare providers. Rather, it is intended to offer information to help the reader cooperate with physicians and health professionals in a mutual quest for optimum well-being.