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Being afraid that you cannot learn creates stress and causes agitation or exhaustion, which makes it really difficult to get and stay focused. This technique deals with the fear of failure without having to talk about it, and also helps with comprehension and concentration.

This exercise can be used for studying, to help prepare presentations or speeches, or to tap into your creative skills. Anytime both sides of the brain are synchronized, we can more creatively solve any problem presenting itself in our life!

PARENTS: If your child has problems staying still long enough to finish homework, this may be a great exercise for the both of you to do together before any homework session.

Figure 8's (or Lazy 8's) have been used in Educational Kineseology for students with severe learning problems. This exercise helps these students to neurologically cross the visual midline, thereby activating both right and left eyes, integrating the right and left visual fields and increasing hemispheric integration.

Drawing Figure 8's in the air, with streamers, or against any surface improves the student's reading mechanics, symbol recognition, and comprehension (long-term associative memory). Take up to 5 minutes to do the following:

  1. Put on pleasant background music and sway to it. Move your hips in a natural figure 8 pattern. This will strengthen all energy crossovers in the body, all the way up to and through the brain.

    On a blackboard or a large piece of paper taped to the wall, draw large sideways figure 8s over and over with the right hand, the left hand, and both hands. If you don't have access to paper, do the drawing motion in the air.

  2. The larger the drawing, the more completely the body incorporates the crossover. The brain and eyes are involved more intricately by drawing smaller Figure 8s. Start drawing really large Figure 8s and continue making the figure smaller and smaller until you are drawing really tiny Figure 8s. You are then ready to begin homework, or any work that requires concentration.

  3. If during your studies you find yourself losing concentration, take a break and do the Figure 8 exercise again! NOTE: This exercise can be done with closed eyes by imagining drawing the different sized Figure 8's (useful for when you're sitting in the classroom).

The Figure 8 is a great balancing symbol. In many traditions, it is the symbol for infinity. I interpret it to mean not only the eternal dance between endings and beginnings, but also being able to tap into all there is: the beginning, the end, and everything in between.


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I demonstrate the Zip Up in my classes to show how thoughts and emotions, whether our own or from other people, can influence our physical body. The Zip Up is a very powerful exercise to protect us from "negative" or lower vibration energies.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemies, often unknowingly sabotaging ourselves. And other times we are so sensitive that thoughts and emotions from others really affect us mentally and physically.

The ZIP UP can be used before studying, taking exams, giving a presentation or speech, going to work in a busy office or store, anytime you feel uncomfortable or not in control. It's great for empaths and for those who feel uncomfortable around others or in crowded situations.

Adapted from ENERGY MEDICINE by Donna Eden and BRAIN GYM: Teachers Revised Edition by Paul and Gail Dennison

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