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A Sway Test Tutorial

by Gwenn Bonnell
ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED Natural Awakenings Magazine, Broward Edition, April 2002.

When I first learned about muscle testing from my friend Andrea Mandel, I was amazed that we have such a biofeedback tool available to us that can determine what resonates with our own bodies. As Andrea says, "Our bodies have an inner wisdom, and this is a way for us to communicate with that wisdom." Since then, I have learned many methods of muscle testing from a variety of people, and share it with my students and clients. While muscle testing is usually done with a partner, there are self-testing methods we can perform. A favorite self-testing method is the "Sway Test" which you can begin practicing today.

Kinesiology (pronounced kin-easy-ology) is a form of biomechanics which investigates and analyzes human motion. In 1964, Dr. George Goodheart, Jr., introduced the world to Applied Kinesiology which is based on the fact that the body never lies. Applied Kinesiology has become a standard for many chiropractors, nutritionists and homeopaths who use muscle testing as a means of dialoging with the body.

Muscle, or Energy Testing, is the response of our individual energy systems to the vibrations of certain substances, people and even statements we make. Our nervous system is a 37-mile-long antenna which discriminates subtle frequencies that scientific instruments can't measure. While MRIs, EEGs, and CAT scans give us vital information, for more subtle feedback most professionals rely on muscle testing.

In her book, Energy Medicine, Donna Eden says, "If I had the power to impact the medical profession in just one way, it would be that physicians add energy testing to their diagnostic tool kit." Donna also states that in maintaining health, knowledge is power, and suggests using muscle testing to determine what foods, vitamins and supplements we should and should not take in to our bodies.

Each person has an unique energy system just like each of us has our own fingerprint. The foods we eat and the supplements we take impact each of us differently, making nutrition an individual matter. Our body resonates with certain vibrations and tenses against others, either stabilizing or stressing our system. What better way to find out what is good for our body than to test it ourselves?

In the mid-1070's, Dr. John Diamond (Energy Diagnostic and Treatment Methods) began muscle testing the positive and negative effects certain thoughts have on the Thymus Gland, which lies just beneath the upper part of the breastbone in the middle of the chest and is the master controller of our life energy. This is where we hold substances with the Sway Test.


A Self-Testing Method for Vitamins, Supplements and Food

The sway test
  1. Stand with your feet no more than shoulder width apart. Either test barefoot or in flat shoes such as sneakers. Heels are not recommended.
  2. Place the substance you are testing in one hand and close your fist over it. Hold this hand up to your heart center, which is your thymus gland. Then place your other hand over the first one.
  3. State: "This is good for my body."
  4. Become still, centered, close your eyes, take a deep breath, release it and let go.
  5. After a few moments you become aware of your body either being pulled forward or falling backwards.

If you feel yourself falling forward, your body is embracing the substance in a positive reaction. If you feel yourself going backward, away from what you are testing, your body is repelling it in a negative reaction.

Sometimes we don't get a reaction or are not sure what answer our body is giving us. If you feel you are not getting a true reading, take the following steps:

  • Perform the test again. Make sure to take a deep breath and clear your head.
  • Drink water —your energy system may be dehydrated.
  • If you can, take the vitamins or supplements out of the plastic container and place one pill or tablet in your hand (not recommended in health food stores).
  • Program your body to go forward for a positive answer and backward for a negative answer. I had to do this when my body started swaying sideways! Simple tell your body "Go forward for a yes answer," and "Go backward for a no answer." Then test your body by saying "yes" and waiting for a response, then saying "no" and waiting for a response. Once your body continually sways forward for "yes" and backward for "no" you can be more assured of a true reading.

Remember that since the body is electrical, energetic, physical and metabolic, it is always in a state of flux. What is good for us one day may not be as beneficial the next. And we may overload on certain foods or vitamins, creating a toxic, or allergic, reaction to our energy system. Therefore, it is best to test before you ingest at various times.

Test your vitamins, supplements and other products on a regular basis, or at least when you buy a new supply. And make sure to test different brands of the same product to find which brand is best for your body. With foods, test them at different stages of processing or cooking. Although raw green beans may test positive, canned or micro-waved beans may not be as healthy.

Although you can learn the Sway Test in a few minutes, it may take some practice before you feel comfortable using it. Since this method is always available, day or night, requires no instruments, and is free, you can practice it regularly with almost any product or food. The more you practice, the more instinctive it becomes.

When I first learned muscle testing, I even asked my body what color clothing was beneficial for me each day! Colors have vibrations, and sometimes one color especially resonates with our bodies. And I received lots of funny looks and questions in the health food stores.

I even ask my body if supplements are good for my husband before I buy them.

I have since learned other less noticeable ways to muscle test. However, the Sway Test seems to be the easiest method to learn and gives people a way to instantly take control of their own health.


  • Hold one capsule or tablet in your hand and state, "This is good for my body."
  • If you sway forward, add another capsule and state again, "This is good for my body."
  • Keep adding capsules, one by one, until you sway backward. Then you have exceeded the optimum dosage by one.
  • Also ask the body, "I take this dose once a day."
  • If you go forward, state, "I take this dose twice a day."
  • When you go backward, the previous statement that tested positive is best for your body.

REMEMBER: Your body is constantly changing, so your optimum dosage may also change. If you use this method with prescription medications, use the results to open a dialogue with your doctor. DO NOT change prescription medications without first talking with your physician.

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