Tap Into Heaven with EFT and Energy Medicine

EFT Personal Sessions
with Gwenn Bonnell

Even for people who are familiar with Emotional Freedom Techniques, one-on-one EFT sessions often provide additional insights and resolutions.

Whether or not you are familiar with EFT, you will understand how to use EFT for yourself for your specific issue during our session.

Audio Recordings: Your sessions are recorded and you can access the audio download of each session via a private web page. You can listen to the replay on your computer or download the file to a personal mp3 player or smart phone.

This allows you to listen and tap along with the audio recording of the session. Also, each tapping sequence is broken out as a separate audio to make it easier - and more time efficient - to tap along with and continue clearing your specific aspects.

My goal is to give you guidance as to how to use EFT in the most beneficial way for you personally, giving you insights as to what is driving your behavior and how to use EFT to change that around. Your overall - and continuing - success will depend on you. At least for the first few weeks, daily tapping is a must to cement in the benefits of our session. The recordings are priceless because they not only address what is specific to you, but leave you in a good place emotionally and physically.

Clients love these recordings to help clear issues and change behavior, and as a study tool to better understand how to get maximum benefit from continued personal use of EFT.

I am offering private sessions via telephone, or on Zoom video.

Because you don't want to waste valuable time having me teach you the details about the tapping points, at least become somewhat familiar with the EFT Tapping Points. The chart on my website shows the points, and the EFT section explains the procedure. Please read this if you are an EFT “newbie,” and have the tapping chart available during our session.

Once you are familiar with EFT, you may find some Energy Medicine methods invaluable, and we can talk about this during our phone sessions.

Billing occurs AFTER our first session because then we will have a better idea how to proceed. If you want to pay a one-time fee, my rate is $200 per hour.

If we decide to continue with the DISCOUNT PACKAGE for a month of tapping, the rate is $675 for 4 sessions (about a 15% discount). This includes one 60-minute initial session and three 45-minute follow-up sessions. In-between session consults (either email or a short phone conversation) are free.

Again, the session is audiotaped and/or videotaped so you have access to the playback.

Scheduling Sessions for the Discount Package Deal: For more intense, or long term issues, the "package" deal may be more appropriate. Our goal is to get the momentum going with your tapping, get you past the big hurdle, and keep you on your individual path to emotional freedom.

If, during our first session, you get absolutely no relief from any issue we address, let me immediately know and I will not charge you. There is absolutely no risk to you.

If you do continue our sessions, and at any point in subsequent sessions you feel you are not getting relief and wish to discontinue sessions, please immediately tell me and I will refund your money for that session. However, if we are making progress, I.E. the SUD's level is reported decreasing by your account, please honor my time and attention by compensating me for time spent with you.

Please note, at times the issue you are presenting has other contributing "aspects," and often we will be neutralizing these contributing aspects before you get total relief from your presenting problem.

If you purchased a package of sessions, and during our time together you were making progress, and recieved the replays, please note that after our sessions conclude the refund policy is no longer in effect.

Also, if after 2 or 3 sessions in a 4 session package you wish a refund, the time spent together will be charged at the hourly rate and the refund will be the remaining discount monies. This helps me recuperate the time spent with you along with the time spent editing and uploading the personalized tapping audio files that you had a chance to download.

Calling Logistics:
For clients in the Continental US or Canada, I can call you so there is no long-distance charge for you. Or we can video via Zoom. For International callers Skype or Zoom are preferred unless you have a really good phone plan and you choose to phone me : )

Payment Details: After our first session I will email you a Paypal invoice. You do NOT need a Paypal account; you can pay through Paypal with a credit card.

Remember, your sessions are taped and you can access the audio download of your sessions, which allows you to:

1 - Listen and tap along to continue clearing and reprogramming,

2 - Transcribe the scripts you want to continue using and have them handy,


3 - Study and learn more about how to more effectively use EFT and Energy Medicine for yourself or others.

This is important: The terrific results of our sessions depend partly on you being specific.

BEFORE our first session, (whether in-person or over the phone) please decide the SPECIFIC issue you would like to resolve...

…and what, to you, would mean resolution of the issue.

That gives us a blueprint to follow, and makes the session more productive.

Please contact me at gwenn@tapintoheaven.com or call 954-253-9361 to let me know you are interested in sessions.

After we set a date and time for our first session, I will email you an intake form to fill out and email back to me.

Remember, there is a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE
There is absolutely no risk to you...

To really improve your health, wealth and happiness, email gwenn@tapintoheaven.com or call 954-253-9361 (EST, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA)

Love & light,

Gwenn Bonnell
Tap Into Heaven, Inc.
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida