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The Secret Revealed, Part 1:
How The Secret Works

OR: How To Stop Attracting Angry People
Into Your Life

Thursday evening, March 8, 2007, Larry King aired a follow-up TV show to his November 2006 show about "The Secret" movie, investigating how we create our own reality.

Larry and John talked about how the thoughts we think make our body vibrate to attract more of the same in our life. And how we can use this Law of Attraction to promote world peace... or at least peace in our personal life.

I just had a session with a woman (I'll call her Judy) who was angry at someone who, through family ties, is probably not going to leave her life anytime soon.

Unfortunately, not only was this person creating chaos in her family's life, she was also "popping" into Judy's head at inopportune moments, interrupting peaceful times without even being present.

Talk about your thoughts creating your reality. This person wasn't even present, except for in Judy's mind, yet just the thought was changing Judy's calm into chaos!

Fortunately, we were able to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) so Judy had a tough time getting the face to "pop" into her mind. When she did think about how the woman affected the family, she no longer felt anger - she felt pretty neutral.

Which, I'll bet, will stop attracting the woman into this family's life. At least, it will probably stop attracting the woman from acting so angrily.

How did we use EFT to accomplish this? Basically, we did a 30-minute Personal Peace Procedure. You can do this for yourself at

Love & light,

P.S. Watch for more installments of the transcripts from last Thursday's Larry KJing Live show!

The Secret Revealed, Part 1
Aired March 8, 2007 - 21:00 ET


LARRY KING, CNN ANCHOR: Tonight, inside The Secret -- the phenomenon taking the country by storm. The book so in demand, it's selling out faster than they can get it back in the stores. Can you really have it all, get whatever you want -- love, money, you name it -- by thinking about it? Millions say yes. Some say not so fast.

What do you believe?

You're about to meet some world renowned best-selling authors and teachers who say they're so successful because they know The Secret. They'll answer your calls and e-mails, too.

We'll be talking with many guests tonight featured in the DVD and the book, "The Secret." It's number one everywhere. It's sweeping the world. And it's really just started that sweep.

We begin with the John Assaraf. John, as a teenager, led the kind of life that could have earned him a life behind bars or a place on a slab in a morgue. Today, he's a "New York Times" best-selling author, the force behind a number of multi-million dollar corporations and is cofounder of OneCoach.

What is The Secret?

JOHN ASSARAF, The Secret is really based on something called the law of attraction. And we can go to science to understand that everything in the universe has a frequency. Everything vibrates.

And The Secret is all about making sure that you're thinking the right thoughts so that your body vibrates in the right way and so you attract what you want into your life.

KING: No disputing that it's huge. The book and the DVD are selling like hotcakes. The press is paying a lot of attention. Why are people responding so powerfully to this?

ASSARAF: Well, I think people are resonating with it, number one, and I think you've got people on both sides of the camp -- those who believe in it and resonate with the it and those who say it's absolutely ridiculous.

And all we can go to is every time that there's a phenomenal breakthrough about to happen in mankind, there are people who take advantage of it and people who want to say this is crazy and run for the hills.

KING: Why do you think some people are so critical, though?

ASSARAF: Well, I think anything that we introduce any new information, to our brain, for example, we will actually deny it or go into a state of absolute shock. So we don't even want to be a part of it. And I think people have not done enough research. I've done research on this for over 25 years. We teach it to business owners all over the world. The other teachers do it.

We have actually used The Secret to build The Secret.

KING: Are you saying it can't miss?

ASSARAF: Well, I think there's a misnomer out there, and that is that you only have to think positive thoughts. You've got to think positive thoughts, you've got to feel what those thoughts give you and then you've got to do something that very few people talk about and that's you've got to actually take action. You've got to do something...

KING: It doesn't come into your house?

ASSARAF: Absolutely not. If you wait, they'll come and take your furniture.

KING: "Newsweek" magazine did a lengthy article entitled "Decoding The Secret" and the article said, in part: "On an ethical level, The Secret appears deplorable. It concerns itself almost entirely with a narrow range of middle class concerns -- houses, cars, vacations, followed by health and relationships, with the rest of humanity a very distant sixth." How do you react?

ASSARAF: Well, you know, it's not even worth reacting. You know, this morning when I knew that I was going to be on the show, we had about 200 of our business owners on a call. And I asked them to send us an e-mail about how the secret of the law of attractions worked in their life.

Within 10 minutes, we had 57 people who e-mailed us saying here's what's happened in my life. In my business we have raised money. We've had more clients. We've had better health.

And so I've got to go to the results as opposed to what the critics are saying, because it's worked in my life and I know it works in people's lives.

KING: Does all of it deal with self? Can I want world peace?

ASSARAF: Absolutely. There's a lot of studies that will show that when people actually gather together and they focus on peace together, there's actually a decline, for example, in the Middle East peace in Lebanon. There's actual studies that show that when people get together and our brains will entrain, we'll send a powerful magnetic force into the field.

KING: An e-mail question from Jess in Winnipeg, Manitoba: "How does The Secret explain tragedies like September 11th and Katrina?"

ASSARAF: I think whenever we have tragedies like September 11th or Katrina, we have to look at the higher order of how the universe operates. Number one, the universe operates by exact precision and law. And that is something in between god and the universe.

What we have to understand is when we're looking only at the physical event, OK, we're missing something that's a much bigger organism at work, and that's the natural laws of the universe. And there are both good and there's bad in everything, in every way. So we can't just look at the one side of it. It's not a mono- dimensional universe we live in.

KING: So if you were focused, if you were into the attraction...


KING: ... but you were on the 103rd floor of the World Trade Center, that didn't mean anything?

ASSARAF: Absolutely it didn't mean anything. And what I'm not suggesting is that the people that were in the World Trade Center, which was an atrocity -- willed that upon themselves. But in the bigger scheme of how the universe operates -- if you look at every other species on Earth, we live, we die, we have birth and death. And that is just part of life. And sometimes things happen in ways that are not to our tastes and not suitable.

KING: Did you mean they willed that upon themselves?

ASSARAF: No, no, absolutely not. No, no.

KING: They did not will that?

ASSARAF: They did not will that upon themselves. But in life, in general, there are things that happen that aren't great. And we have to look at a higher order of how the universe operates, and let's go to a higher understanding, is what I'm saying.

KING: Can you use the law of attraction to harm somebody?

ASSARAF: I don't believe that you can use the law of attraction to harm somebody.

KING: Why not?

ASSARAF: Well, I think -- I think any time you are sending negative energy out from yourself, it has to come back to its original source. And so if you're starting to will negative things on people, I think that you will actually be willing things upon yourself. That is my belief.

And being grateful for what you have and really making a difference in other people's lives and doing charitable work is how you actually invoke the greatest law of the universe, which is the law of attraction.

KING: That's an Eastern philosophy, isn't it?


KING: And you get what you give out?

ASSARAF: Yes. Absolutely.

KING: If you give out hate, you get back hate?

ASSARAF: Absolutely. We know that we are made up of energy and we know that we can actually measure a thumb (ph), we can measure the frequency by which our brain and our heart sends out that frequency. We are just learning more about the scientific side of it. We don't have triple blind studies to really show that.

But if you think about this. If you take a seed and you plant it underneath the soil, how is that the seed will attract to it everything that it needs for the vibrational fulfillment of whatever the potential was in that seed?

It's through the law of vibration.

KING: John Assaraf will be back with us later in the program, as we investigate the concept of The Secret.

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