Yes, the SAME live process my student and clients rave about is now available as an online audio. Which means you can experience it right now! This is...

How Your Life Will Change


Do you sometimes feel like life is a struggle? With the Huna Energy Alignment, you will connect to your Higher power and feel re-energized while transforming your body into light.

Let's take a look at how your life will change when you listen to this meditation. The Huna Energy Alignment is designed to change your "inner world."


I've shared this alignment process with people from around the world, and discovered over and over how clients receive the following inner world benefits as they experience this meditation. Find out for yourself how to...

  • Release anything in the way of your greatest life
  • Release old thought forms and belief systems that no longer serve your highest purpose
  • Release anything that ever pulled you out of alignment with your higher power
  • Align with the light and the love that you always wanted here now
  • Align with the source energies of the heaven and the earth
  • Align with your higher self
  • Balance your female and male energies
  • Open up to your inner knowing,
  • Access your divine plan and purpose for being here now
  • Activate all the regenerative capacities of your body
  • Activate your ability to generate new cells of higher consciousness
  • Activate your unlimited powers of transformation
  • Access your greatest dreams and grandest passions
  • Open your heart, going deeper into the energy of love
  • Radiate the healing energies of love & light to every cell in your body
  • Expand your consciousness
  • Expand awareness of your highest guidance, your highest council
  • Expand into full awareness of all that is yours
  • Allow yourself to receive all of your gifts
  • Be with your experiences in the present moment, now & always.

You can download this Huna Energy Alignment NOW and in a few moments you will be enjoying this process.


But WAIT! In the Aloha spirit, I’m offering a special BONUS: The Blessing Meditation.

The Blessing Meditation, when done regularly, will transform your "outer world."

Where do you want to make improvements in your life? Health? Happiness? Add to or enhance your prosperity and success?

The FREE BONUS Blessing Meditation shares the secret for attaining true health, happiness, prosperity and success. You'll learn how to
use the principles of Huna to direct your energies towards your own needs and desires, creating your greatest dreams and your grandest passions.

In this easy-to-follow BONUS transformation process, you will...

  • Attune to the Divine power of mana or ki
  • Experience the power in Blessing
  • Manifest the conditions you desire in your life
  • Increase your personal mana, or ki, and use it for manifestation
  • Learn the secret to manifesting HEALTH, SELF-CONFIENCE
  • Learn the secret behind attracting more PROSPERITY and SUCCESS
  • Learn how to enhance LOVE and FRIENDSHIP in your life
  • Learn how to attain INNER PEACE & SPIRITUAL GROWTH

These two meditations contain specific techniques that are just the solution you've been wishing for. The Energy Alignment, together with The Blessings Meditation, will be a life-changing experience…or your money back!

That’s right… With my unconditional, no games, no strings, money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and SO MUCH to gain.

May blessings be your gift, given and received!

Aloha No!

Are you ready to experience the vibration of love and light
throughout your entire being

If you are willing to raise your vibration at the cellular level, and to know what it feels like to be in full alignment and connected to your power, then I am so excited to share the Higher Self Alignment Process Audio Meditation with you!


You already know what you focus on expands. The BONUS Aloha Spirit Blessings primes you to get in touch with your spirit, or "kane" by saying "thank you" to what you wish to attract in your life. You'll learn a simple method of incorporating this in your daily life with miraculous results!

Order your online audio now for only $24.97.
You can listen and start benefitting right now -- AND you can download the audio
and listen whenever and whenever you want!

After your order, you'll receive and email with your download information to play the meditations, or -- better yet -- save them to your computer or smart phone to play them whenever you want.