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Boost Your Metabolism With EFT
by Gwenn Bonnell

***NOTE: This article supposes that you are familiar with the EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) process. If you are not, simply visit the EFT section on for a step-by-step diagram of the process.***

Did you catch the Oprah show yesterday? Wynonna Judd was featured, bravely going public about her lifetime battle with weight…

Wynonna explained that she feels "her life is spinning out of control," and let Oprah's cameras follow her through her struggle.

In February, Wynonna made the commitment on the Oprah show to get fit. It's been three months, and yesterday she updated Oprah (and the world) on her progress.

One thing that especially intrigued me was the plan that Wynonna's trainers initially laid out for her. The first month, their focus was more on exercise than on diet.

The only change they asked Wynonna to make to her diet was not to eat within three hours of bedtime…and not to eat during the night.

The biggest lifestyle change (and the most difficult) was the commitment to exercise at least five times a week…in an effort to speed up her metabolism.

In fact, if I remember correctly, one of the trainers said that until Wynonna boosted her metabolism, a change in diet wasn't going to do much good.

Even understanding all this, with her very public commitment to take control of her weight (and her life), did Wynonna follow these exercise guidelines? Not really…in fact, she wouldn't even commit to exercising the day the show was taped!

Whether or not we have a weight problem, we all understand how beneficial exercise is to our health and well being. In my weight workshops, we spend time addressing this issue with EFT.

Yet even though the attendees said the right things, even though they could now "see themselves" at the gym three days a week or walking their dog every evening, their body language told me that they still seemed "laid back," not really motivated about exercising.

This presented a problem: how can we get excited enough about exercising so we can raise out metabolism? Well, perhaps we are looking at the problem backwards…maybe raising our metabolism gives us the motivation we need to exercise.

I came to this theory after recognizing that one of the high points of the workshop, for myself and the attendees, was using EFT to raise our metabolism.

I must tell you, the workshop was at night…after a full day of work, dinner, etc. People we pretty relaxed, sitting back in their chairs, seemingly not too energized…even after tapping to get motivated to exercise.

HOWEVER, after tapping to raise metabolism, the change was astounding…everyone was literally sitting upright on the edge of their seats, raring to go!

In fact, they were so jazzed up that I was afraid no one was going to be able to sleep that night! So I followed with a few rounds of EFT telling their bodies they would be able to fall asleep when they wanted and sleep through the night.

Not only did that tapping raise energy levels…it changed people's outlook. In the words of one of the participants, "The tapping for metabolism really psyched me out! During all the other tapping, in the back of my mind was always the thought 'Yeah but your metabolism has changed with age.' Now I have no more excuse…and I'm losing weight!"

So how did we tap to raise our metabolism? No, we didn't use "Even though my metabolism is too slow to ever lose weight…"

What we did first was rate our metabolism on a 0-100% scale. (Usually, in EFT we use the 0-10 scale). Zero reflects no energy at all, and 100 reflects that our metabolism is running at 100%. For most of us, our metabolism was running about 50-70% of capacity.

The simplest way to rate your metabolism is to use your intuition…you know best what you feel like when all circuits are firing, and what it feels like to be under par. Whatever number pops in to your head is a good number to use. Don't judge it or obsess over the accuracy of the number. Just use it as a starting point for the EFT process.

Then we began the tapping:

First, we did a few rounds using "Even though my body is running at only XX percent, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and my body" as the Setup Statement and "Running at XX percent" as the Reminder Phrase during the Tapping Procedure.

The next round of tapping we used "Even though my metabolism is still running under 100%, I release anything and everything that slows down my body, and I deeply and completely love myself and accept my body" as the Setup Statement and "Release anything that slows me down" as the Reminder Phrase.

For the third round of tapping: "Even though my metabolism is not used to running at 100% all the time, I now repair everything that slows my body down as I deeply and completely love and accept myself and my body," for the Setup Statement and "Repair everything that slows my body down" as the Reminder Phrase.

Next, we took a new reading on the 0-100% scale…everyone in the room was amazed at their increased energy level. We all felt a positive effect, and most of us went up 20-30 percentage points. Excellent results for a few minutes of tapping!

Notice that we did NOT tap for our metabolism increasing to 100%. It's probably best to let your body, with its own innate intelligence, increase your metabolism at a healthy rate.

Personally, as I continue to tap for my metabolism, I find I have more energy and motivation to exercise…I regularly exercise five days each week. Plus I am more in touch with my body as to when I am hungry and what sort of food my body needs. As a result, the portion size is smaller, probably because I'm eating food that my body needs, thus really satisfying my hunger.

For best results, tap to boost your metabolism daily…at least three times a day (preferably not before bedtime). Side effects are generally positive and may include a higher energy level, increased motivation to exercise, and a boosted metabolism!

Keep tapping for health and vitality!

Love & light, Gwenn

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