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From The Inside Out

by Gwenn Bonnell

Gwenn Bonnell here with an article that should interest you.

It's about reclaiming all that the joy that you deserve just because you are “alive”... literally!

It's going to be published in my local new age magazine this week, but you get the "scoop" today (just don't tell my editor!).

Why should you care about this?

Because knowing how to get in touch with the natural “joy” responses in your body will help you gain perspective as we enter the busy (and stressful) holiday season.

And help you resist any negative influences…including picking up food (or anything else) to make you feel better.

These natural joy responses will also boost your immunity to the flu.

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Feel Radiant from the Inside Out
By Gwenn Bonnell

Do you have creative and inspirational ideas but find it difficult to bring those ideas into reality? In our energy system, creativity is the role of the 2nd Chakra, a vortex of energies around the lower abdomen and hip area.

Even in men, the oval shape of this "womb Chakra" contains creativity.

In the process of creativity, energy flows from the 3rd Chakra (the solar plexus area) down to the 2nd Chakra. When there is a block in these energies, you can actually gain weight in this part of the body...or find it difficult to lose weight from the same area.

Extra weight, especially around the hips and stomach, is a sign of blocked creativity. We are literally holding in energies that are longing to be born.

Any block between the 2nd and 3rd Chakras affects them both. The "belt flow" is a "Radiant Energy" system between the 2nd and 3rd Chakras. (People who can see subtle energy describe the belt flow as having a "radiant" quality.) It surrounds the waist and distributes energy up and down the body.

When the belt flow connects these energies, we can reach our spiritual heights, yet remain grounded. We are inspired and can manifest our inspirations in the physical world.

When these energies are not flowing, energetic residue can accumulate at the waist, cutting the 2nd Chakra off from the 3rd Chakra. We are energetically and physically top-heavy or bottom-heavy. We might develop digestive problems or fertility issues. Our natural spontaneity, trust, faith, and the energy of youth, is gone.

Societal norms can weight us down, leading to lower self-esteem.

Opening the belt flow gives us a healthy sense of self so we can embrace our life and our inspirations. We have more than enough "youthful" energy to bring our ideas into reality.

Activating the Belt Flow
This reestablish harmony between the 2nd and 3rd Chakras.

a) With your fingers spread, circle both your hands (palms against the back) around your back on the left side of your body at the waist. Pull from the back of the body to the front and all the way across the belly to the right side with some pressure and a lifting movement.

b) Pull across at the waist, above the waist and below the waist. Do this several times with pressure, continuing the lifting movement each time you come across the waist. (If you're pregnant or have a "Buddha belly," pull across above and below your belly.)

c) On the last pull across your waist, firmly slide both hands down the outside of your right leg and off your foot.

d) Repeat on other side of the body.

Clearing Belt Flow Residue
This abdominal stretch clears energetic residue, thereby reinforcing the radiant energy flow between the top and bottom halves of the body.

a) Stand straight, and grip your hands over the back of a chair for support.

b) Inhale, keep your leg straight and lift one leg backwards as far as is comfortable. Exhale as you lower the leg.

c) Inhale and lift the other leg. Exhale as you lower the leg. Feel the stretch in your abdomen.

d) Repeat several times, stretching the abdomen with each leg lift.

The radiant energies may also be activated by:

- Stretching, yoga, or anything that helps make space in the body.

- Crossing the energies from one side of the body to the other, such as walking, roller-blading, swimming, or drawing sideways "Figure 8's" with your arms.

- Watching sunsets and sunrises, listening to inspiring stories, and other things that raise your spirit.

- Walking outdoors or sitting at the beach, having more air and space around you.

- Telling jokes, laughing, tickling, even smiling at everyone you know (or even better, smiling at strangers).

If you don't use it, you really do lose it: Your radiant energies can become stagnant. Exercise your radiant energies daily with the Belt Flow exercises, and they will be more available to you.

May your life will be more filled with joy, laughter, love and beauty!

Love & Light,


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