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The Frustration Factor
by Gwenn Bonnell

If you've ever been on a diet, counted calories, or stepped onto a bathroom scale and dreaded the outcome - in other words if you're breathing right now - then you've experienced the "Frustration Factor."

In fact, frustration is present in our life whenever we try to push "outside the envelope." Changing careers, improving finances, looking for a more satisfying relationship, even lowering golf scores are challenges that present lots of opportunities for frustration.

In this newsletter, I explain how simply using EFT overcomes YOUR "Frustration Factor" so you will enjoy the success you deserve!


Is The "Frustration Factor" Stopping You From Reaching Your Goal Weight? (Or From Reaching ANY Goal)?

Use EFT to Overcome the Frustration that Cheats 95% of People out of the Success They Deserve!


Most people experience frustration when trying to control their weight.

Frustration usually pops up when your weight loss program doesn't match up with your desires.

Although common sense tells us that since it took more than two weeks to gain the weight, it's probably going to take more than two weeks to lose it all, common sense doesn't help us deal with the "frustration factor."

We've all experienced frustration of one sort or another, even if it's not centered around a weight issue. ANYTIME our reality doesn't match our desires, whether it's in our career, our financial situation, our relationship, or our golf score - frustration abounds.

Frustration is uncomfortable. We don't like feeling that way. So we back off. Instead of breaking through the frustration, we back away from whatever is causing it. We back away from the weight loss program, the career change, the new relationship, the new golf stroke.

To avoid frustration, we might stop trying anything "new" altogether. Yet we still expect life to improve.

And if we do summon enough courage to try something new, the second we start feeling frustrated, we stop. So we'll jump from one diet to another, from one opportunity to another, always stopping before making any real progress.

Unfortunately, spending life trying to avoid anything uncomfortable actually leads to a lifetime of discomfort and regret!

Whether you are stuck in a "rut," or always trying the latest fad but never sticking with one thing long enough to be successful, EFT will help you overcome your "frustration factor."


First, I'll explain a special "Emergency" Tapping point that releases frustration on the spot.

Then, I'll relate a "Special" EFT Procedure that includes points specifically related to frustration and impatience.

Next, I'll list Standard Setup Statements and Reminder Phrases to use with the EFT Basic Recipe or the Shortcut Sequence to release frustration.

Finally, I'll cover Advanced Setup Statements and Reminder Phrases focusing on breaking through the "Frustration Factor."

Emergency Tapping For Frustration Use this to quickly "take the edge off" frustration, no matter what the cause.

* Tap on the Outside Edge of the Eye point, take a deep breath, and repeat, "I love myself and accept my frustration."

* Take another deep breath and repeat, "I allow myself to let go of my frustration."

* Breathe deeply, keep tapping on the Outside Eye point, and repeat, "I let go of my frustration."


Either tap the Karate Chop Point or rub the Sore Spot, and repeat, "Even though I have all this frustration, I deeply and completely love and accept myself."

Then tap on the following points while repeating "This Frustration" at each point:
1. Crown
2 . Eyebrow
3 . Outside Eye
4 . Under Eye
5 . Collarbone
6 . Under the Arm
7 . Little Finger


Focus on whatever is causing you to feel this frustration, such as "I'm not losing weight as fast as I want," or "I have cut back on my eating and I still haven't lost weight."

The following is designed to use with the Shortcut Tapping Procedure, beginning tapping at the Top of the Head point and ending with the Under the Arm point, described at

SETUP STATEMENT (While tapping on the KC Point): “Even though I have all this frustration, I've tried everything to get over this problem and until now nothing has worked as fast as I want it to, I deeply and completely love and accept myself with all my problems and limitations."

While Tapping, alternate Reminder Phrases:
(CR) This frustration
(EB) Completely releasing all this frustration.
(SE) All parts of me are releasing this frustration.
(UE) Completely over this frustration.
(UN) I've had it long enough.
(CH) It's served its purpose.
(CB) It's time to let it go.
(UA) I love feeling free of this frustration.

Continue tapping with a new Setup Statement: “Even though I STILL have SOME of this frustration, I DEEPLY AND COMPLETELY love myself, accept myself, and forgive myself and I choose to trust in the process.

While Tapping, alternate:
(CR) This REMAINING frustration.
(EB) Frustrated in myself.
(SE) Frustrated in myself for not losing weight fast enough.
(UE) Nothing ever works for me.
(UN) Until now.
(CH) I love letting go of all my frustration.
(CB) I choose to have all my needs satisfied.
(UA) I trust in the process."

Continue tapping, start at the Top of the Head point, alternate:
(CR) Completely releasing all this frustration.
(EB) I choose gratitude for what I have accomplished in my life.
(SE) I am thankful for my life and for who I am.
(UE) I choose to be loving to myself.
(UN) I choose to be patient with my body and myself.
(CH) I know that I am good enough to achieve my goals.
(CB) I choose to be patient with the process.
(UA) I love being patient while I reach my goal.


When you start feeling frustrated, instead of putting your attention on how to get away from the feelings by avoiding the cause, focus on ways to solve the problem, overcome the obstacle, or push through to the other side.

SETUP STATEMENT: "Even though I feel stuck in my life and I feel frustrated with my attempts to improve my situation, I choose to STOP looking at frustration as a source of pain, and START looking at frustration as a signal that things are about to change for the better!"

While Tapping, alternate Reminder Phrases:
(CR) Frustration is not my enemy.
(EB) Frustration is my best friend because it's telling me what's not working in my life.
(SE) This frustration is a signal that something must change.
(UE) I choose to take advantage of this opportunity for change.
(UN) I choose to use the energy of frustration for positive change.
(CH) I choose to completely break through this frustration.
(CB) I love breaking through this frustration.
(UA) I love changing for the better right now!

Continue with a new Setup Statement: "Even though I still have some of this frustration, I've been through this process so many times in my life and until now it's always been in vain, so I'm skeptical about being able to change right now, that's OK, I realize that even if change doesn't happen as quickly as I want, I choose to have patience, persistence, focus, and faith in the process."

While Tapping, alternate Reminder Phrases:
(CR) Completely over this frustration.
(EB) Choose to change frustration into patience.
(SE) I love having patience because I know the process WILL work for me.
(UE) I love being patient with the process.
(UN) Completely releasing all this frustration.
(CH) I choose to change this frustration into persistence.
(CB) I love being persistent because I know it will pay off for me this time.
(UA) I love the new persistent me.

Continue tapping, (back to the top of the head): (CR) Remaining frustration.
(EB) It's just a block I can easily break through.
(SE) I love breaking through my frustration.
(UE) Staying focused on my goal will break through all my frustration.
(UN) It feels so good to be focused on my goal.
(CH) I choose to have faith in the process.
(CB) I love the new me, having faith in the process.
(UA)I love having faith that I will achieve all my goals by breaking through any frustration.

Of course, it's always best to put the Setup Statement and Reminder Phrases in your own words. These are guidelines for you to follow.

If you easily become frustrated or impatient, use EFT BEFORE any situation where frustration naturally occurs. Although you might still experience moments of frustration, the intensity will be lower and you will feel more patient.

Whenever the Frustration Factor appears in your life, use the “Emergency Tapping for Frustration” in the moment, follow with the “Special EFT for Frustration,” then finish with standard and advanced EFT.

Remember...everything you want is on the other side of the frustration you feel!

Once you overcome frustration, you stick to your new lifestyle and achieve your goal weight, make more money, have better relationships…

In fact, you go to new places physically, mentally, and spiritually - just by pushing a little bit outside of your current limitations or comfort zone…which brings frustration.

That's where EFT is so effective. When you start feeling frustrated, get excited… because now you have the tools you need to break through the frustration and take your life to a whole new level!

Keep tapping for health and vitality!

Love & light,

Gwenn Bonnell is an International Energy Coach & Trainer and the author of many programs that teach you how to use EFT and Energy Medicine to boost your energy, improve your health, remove your blocks to success, reduce stress and bring zest back into your life...

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