Tap Into Heaven with EFT and Energy Medicine

by Gwenn Bonnell

Carolyn Myss states that we are experiencing an energy renaissance, and our children are reflecting this new era of enhanced consciousness.

It is obvious that we have entered an energetic age. We are not just human beings with a human energy system. Change on the universal level is profound – and instantaneous. Gone are the days of getting one or two letters a week – we now receive hundreds of emails and text messages on a daily basis. We have instant access to events across the globe. And yet, do we have the time to reflect on all these happenings? How can we begin to absorb this information and how it affects our minds, our psyches and our souls?

Children today, whether they have Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow or Star life colors and vibrations, all share one common trait: they have larger energy fields than previous generations. While this means they are more intuitive, it also means they are more sensitive to emotions and environmental frequencies that can play havoc with their energy systems and ultimately with their physical, emotional and spiritual health.

In addition to being constantly bombarded by information, we are living in a sea of invisible energy with the Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF’s) of cell phones, wireless computers, microwaves, etc. A child today experiences 100 million more times the level of EMF’s than their grandparent. The energy field around all of us is more hyper sensitive. Is it any wonder that these energy disruptions lead to physical and emotional problems such as ADHD, autism, anxiety, and learning challenges?

Yet the standard way of approaching such conditions has not evolved with the cause. The medical field often doesn’t know what to do for our children (and even for adults) and often resorts to medication. Unfortunately, that very medication is often another stress on the body and the human energy field.

There is a gap between the fact that we have become sensitive energetic beings residing in physical matter and functioning at the speed of light, yet are being treated with a medical model that does not recognize and consider that energetic component. This gap has to be filled and that’s when a renaissance happens.

In fact, this demands a renaissance. Not only for us, but especially for the next generation, there is a need for a new era of thought, for an awakening of consciousness. We must evolve and learn how to help our unique and energetically sensitive children access their special gifts and extraordinary abilities.

There are many modalities already available to help navigate this energetic age.

Brain Gym is one system that has been researched and proven to help balance right brain dominant conditions such as ADHD and autism. Simple energy exercises and interventions in Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine help clear energy imbalances and promote a more “grounded” experience. Meridian Tapping such as EFT offers a speed-of-light solution to releasing negative emotions “in the moment.”

These are just a few of the resources available to parents, educators, medical personnel and ultimately children to address our energetic selves as a connected brain-body-spiritual being. Most of these techniques are surprisingly simple and can easily be taught and learned as self-help interventions to use as needed and as a daily regimen to continually erase the effects of environmental and emotional stress and keep us – and our children – clear, focused and thriving.

Our job is to learn and use these energy modalities for ourselves and with our children. It is time to take responsibility for our own well being and for the health and welfare of the next generation. This renaissance depends on the consciousness of each one of us creating an energetic rebirth at a cultural level. Then the medical model will have to change. Our children are our best reason to bring the light back into the sacred art of healing.

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