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Re-Wiring the Soul

Re-Wiring the Soul with Dr. Gabriella Kortsch on Blog Talk Radio: This show aims at real talk about how to make a difference in your life. How to improve your life. How to better understand why you are the way you are and help yourself grow far beyond that. This means that we focus not only on your psyche, your mind, your emotions, and your body, but also on your spirit and your soul.

THIS EPISODE: Gwenn Bonnell on Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Healing
Original Air Date: 37/17/2010 at 2:00 PM EST

Gwenn Bonnell is a seasoned EFT teacher and practitioner, having studied with Gary Craig (developer of EFT). Gwenn states that EFT is described as “emotional acupuncture” and is one of the most effective ways to balance the body’s energy system that she has experienced. We will be discussing some of the more stubborn cases that Gwenn has worked with over the years. Gwenn’s website is http://www.tapintoheaven.com

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EFT Enhances Relationships

Listen to Gwenn explain EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), discuss how EFT can enhance your relationships…and reply to skeptical questions… as a guest on the Insane Highway with Jayne & Joe Relationship Show broadcast on WAXY 790 AM, Miami, Florida, August 6, 2002.

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EFT on the Radio & How to Win in Arm Wrestling (with only 2 Fingers)

Gwenn was a guest on the Richard Simmons Radio Show, Sept. 20, 2002. This hour-long entertainment show is broadcast on WAXY 790 in South Florida, WNTY in Hartford, CT, and on Jukebox Radio in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Gwenn even had a chance to use EFT for the host's cough and raspy voice.

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Here's her account (as reported on Gary Craig's EFT email support list):


It was interesting--the host of the show (Richard Simmons - no not THAT Richard Simmons) had a cold, and was sniffling when we walked into the station. I offered to treat him with EFT but he declined, being busy getting ready for the show, etc. However, once he sat down in front of the microphone, he started losing his voice. It began cracking and he got really hoarse, and even had me finish up the intros for the show. I heard from some listeners that it hurt to listen to him! So during the first break, I did EFT on his "Throat Problem." Just a real quick Setup and Shortcut Sequence while he was operating equipment and playing commercials. Guess what? The EFT worked! We came back on the radio and he sounded much better. He was really impressed. Listeners said they could definitely tell the improvement in his voice. (Did God set that up well or what? I'm still shaking my head at his sense of humor).

Later on in the show, Richard developed a cough...so we tapped again during a break, addressing the cough and then a "tickle" feeling in his throat. No setup this time, just the shortcut sequence. He felt really good and kept saying, "This stuff really works."


The "hook" for the show was that I was going to beat the host in "arm wrestling." He could use his arm and I'd use two fingers. What I was really doing was energy/muscle testing him and explaining how the energy system affects us physically. (If you've ever seen Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine, you've seen her demonstrate this.)

First, I had Richard hold his arm straight out to his side. And then tried to push his arm down towards the floor. He was strong to begin with, and I couldn't really budge his arm. Until I "traced" his stomach meridian backward.

I did this without touching him, explaining that I was in his energy "field." I started at his toes, running my hands up his legs, torso, and around his eyes, to the forehead and then ending under his eyes. Then I was able to push his arm down using only TWO FINGERS. He was speechless! (Not a good thing for radio. Next time, I'll have to comment more, saying something like, "Richard, is that the best you can do? Can't you resist me even a LITTLE bit?"

He wanted a rematch, so then I pushed his arm down with ONE finger. This time he was a bit more animated about it, inviting his producer to come in and have a go.

Since it's not nice to leave anyone in a "weakened" state, I had him tap under his eyes, explaining this was a point we use in EFT and what he's doing while he's tapping is balancing the energy in the meridian that I traced to weaken him. Now when I tried to push his arm, he was REALLY strong, even stronger that he was in the beginning!

This "arm wrestling" demonstration is a fun way to get someone's attention and convince them that affecting the flow of energy through the meridians really does affect the physical body. Kids especially love it, as it seems like magic…and you can teach them to use it on anyone. I've never had it not work, although I suggest being familiar with energy/muscle testing, learning the path of the stomach meridian and experimenting with a few people before demonstrating in public.

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