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The Secret Revealed, Part 2:
How The Secret Works

OR: How My Dog Went Blind, Then Regained Her Sight, Could be Part of The Secret!

Thursday evening, March 8, 2007, Larry King aired a follow-up TV show to his November 2006 show about "The Secret" movie, investigating how we create our own reality.

In this segment, Larry talks with Lisa Nichols about why children experience illness, how sometimes we can be grateful for health challenges, how positive thoughts are sometimes not enough (you have to take action), and how hope and faith reinforces positive energy.

Are you wondering how to put these theories into everyday practice? Then first read my story about my dog, Angel, who I found on the street 6 years ago.

Angel was really ill at the time. We welcomed her into our family and continue to reinforce her wellness.

Last year, she lost an eye to glaucoma when we could no longer control the swelling. Because Angel was in so much pain, and her other eye was healthy, we decided to operate, putting in a prosthetic.

Which went well…

All the while, we were praying she suffered some trauma as a puppy that caused the glaucoma. Because if it was caused by genetics, it would eventually affect her “seeing” eye.

Unfortunately, it became evident that the problem was genetic.

Because two Sundays ago, Angel woke up blind!

She woke up, sniffed around, the proceeded to walk straight into a wall. My first thought was – just yesterday she was playing, chasing her toy, pouncing on it. I told my husband I was thankful that we had so many good times playing with her toys!

Although I was in a state of shock, I took action – called the vet, gave her eye drops, took her outside, led her to drink her water, kept her as calm as I could (her little heart was beating so fast!)

Then I was so proud of her because by noon she was able to walk through the house without bouncing off the doorways and the walls, able to get up and down the steps to go outside…

I thought it was because she was adjusting so well. Actually it was because she could see again! A miracle!

Hope! Another chance – and faith! Faith in a procedure we had done yesterday to insert a drain in her eye, so the next time her pressure surges like that, instead of pressing on the optic nerve and causing blindness, the fluid will drain from the eye.

Otherwise, Angel would probably be blind within a few months.This way, she has a chance to keep here eyesight for a few years. Or more – medicine is always improving, energy medicine has no bounds, and I have hope and faith because Angel does have her sight back!

I am keeping my thoughts and energies positive. Imagining her playing with her toys again. Imagining her sitting on the back of the couch, watching through the front window, being the “lookout” dog. Seeing her enjoying her bike rides and walks though the neighborhood and the park.

Love & light,

P.S. Watch for more installments of the transcripts from this Larry King Live show!

The Secret Revealed, Part 2
Aired March 8, 2007 - 21:00 ET



LISA NICHOLS, AUTHOR, MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER, FEATURED IN "THE SECRET": Excitement, joy, gratitude, love -- imagine if we can feel that way every day. When you celebrate the good feelings, you'll draw to you more good feelings and things that make you feel good. (END VIDEO CLIP)


MALE: Now there's a new self-help book and DVD that claim to know the secret to success and happiness.

PROF. ROBERT THOMPSON, SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY: The Secret promises this Heaven on Earth in one fell swoop by simply desiring something, by simply wanting it. It's amazing how we really are a nation of, at best, great optimists, at worst, real suckers. (END VIDEO CLIP)

LARRY KING, CNN ANCHOR: We now welcome Lisa Nichols, a motivational speaker, advocate of personal empowerment. She's a teacher of The Secret, the law of attraction. What do you make of what we just heard?

NICHOLS: Well, you know, Larry, it's -- it's not surprising. When we have something that breathes so much hope and so much faith into a people, you have to have those who say it can't be so. When we empower individuals to really take their own destiny in their hands, that's new. You know, as John said, it's something new, it's something hard -- a pill that's hard to swallow for some.

KING: But isn't hope something always appealing to somebody? I mean the snake oil salesman sold hope...

NICHOLS: Yes. Yes.

KING: ... take this and you'll be all right.

NICHOLS: Right. Right. Right. Absolutely.

I think that hope is something that we are deprived of, in many ways, and we come from a society that really breathes life into fear-based thinking. And so when you think possibility and creation and that I can drive my future, all of a sudden people have to say wait, whoa, whoa, we can't do quite that because we're so used to being driven, we're so used to being told how we can think.

And so when you give someone the power to design your own destiny, for some, that's just too much to digest.

KING: How did you get it?

NICHOLS: You know, I lived it. I lived it first. I didn't study quantum physics. I didn't study the background. I didn't study any of that. In my life, it was called no matter what. No matter what, born and raised in South Central, Los Angeles, having three fights a week to get home from school, you know, being labeled academically challenged, being considered poor by a lot of people. I didn't know I was poor, but society said I was. And knowing, like no matter what, that I had a right to be joyful.

KING: An e-mail question from Donna in Baltimore: "How do you explain the person who wins the Lotto but says he never, ever believed he'd win versus somebody who practices the law of attraction every day to attract large sums of money, truly believes he'll receive it, who can feel it, see it passionately, but gets no results?" What is he doing wrong?

NICHOLS: Well, the Lotto winner is lucky, period.

KING: Luck is around, too?

NICHOLS: Yes, luck is around. And some people get lucky. And, again, many of the Lotto winners -- I think 100 percent of them, actually -- you know, are in more debt than they were before they started, because they weren't prepared for that.

But the person that believes in that they'll get wealth, are they applying action to it?

You can't just believe it, you can't just sit back and think it's going to happen. You have to get up and do.

You know, on "The Secret" you see Jack Canfield visualizing a $100,000 bill on the ceiling. Well, it was in the shower, as he was getting dressed, on his way to go to work to make that happen, that he got the idea of how to create that form of wealth.

So it's not just a hokey-pokey, sprinkle fairy dust, you know, come with a magic wand concept. It is something where, when you ask the universe to give you something, you ask god to give you an idea, you have to do something with that idea.

KING: The new issue of "People" magazine has an article entitled: "The Secret: Salvation Or Hype?" How would you answer that?

NICHOLS: You know, I believe that...

KING: Which one?

NICHOLS: I believe that -- that The Secret breathes hope. And what I do know is that in Proverbs it talks about "so a man thinketh, he is." In Matthew, it says "if you ask and you believe in your prayers, then you will receive it." So it is, one, absolutely from the base of what god has planned for us, that we have the right to live an abundant life. That's not non-negotiable. That's a fact.

Now, if we choose to have that life, that's on us. Now, I believe that when we choose to live a life of abundance and joy, peace, happiness, then that feels much better than if we choose to life a life in scarcity. And you'll have doubters.

KING: You have strong Christian faith. Does that conflict with this?

NICHOLS: No, for me it doesn't because I searched this to make sure that god was all through it. I mean, my commitment to god is stronger than anything.

KING: Let's get a call in. Virginia Beach, Virginia, hello.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Hello. I have a question. I have gotten the video and I've watched it and my question actually is directed at Lisa, because I noticed quite a few times on the video she said that health can be guaranteed, relationships can be guaranteed and she used the word guaranteed a lot. And my question is what about young children?

A child who is too young to make choices or think positively or attract anything, and they come down with cancer or they're beaten by their parents or something like that? How do you explain that that can happen when they have not put out any kind of energy?

NICHOLS: Sure. Sure. Absolutely.

As John mentioned earlier, there are some things in the universe that happen that we may not like, we may not love and seem so incredibly unfair. That's one of those things. And like John mentioned, it's balancing. I know that with children, many times, as a child, they don't ask for anything to come upon them. They don't ask for anything to occur in their lives. They pretty much are simply inside of an experience.

So in that -- in that case, they're not attracting that to them, necessarily. They're not creating that reality for themselves. But those are the things that happen.

You know, I believe that we all have muscles. We have patience -- we have the opportunity to develop our patience muscle. We have the opportunity to develop our surrender muscle.

I've talked to many people who have had a situation with a health challenge and they were actually grateful for it because it taught them something, that we're not all meant to be fit and healthy with two arms, two legs and -- you know, that's just not how, you know, the universe works, that we are learned -- we are taught compassion. We're taught acceptance. We're taught forgiveness. We're taught release. We're taught surrender through a myriad of experiences.

And so I believe that in those circumstances, we're taught different lessons and different muscles in us are being developed. And so while I don't think children bring that on themselves, I think that's an opportunity for us as a society to increase our compassion.

KING: Do you think you can prolong life by thinking in the world of attraction?

NICHOLS: I think you can enjoy the journey much better, Larry, when you are in side of positive feelings, you're inside of a good vibration, you're inside of a good energy. I know people who think so powerfully and send out such a great energy that they're enjoying every moment of their life, while I've seen others that they have such a negative energy that 50 years is too long when you're not happy.

Thirty years is too long when you're not happy. The day seems like it's 48 hours in a day when you -- when you have a negative energy around you versus when you have a powerful energy, you can't wait to get up. You can't wait to be inside a relationship.

So while, you know, prolonging life, I'm not sure. But I do know that you can enjoy the journey much better when you're in positive energy.

KING: Thanks, Lisa.

NICHOLS: You're welcome, Larry.

KING: Lisa Nichols. She's a part of The Secret. When we come back, our next guest, James Ray, explains how the so-called Secret can bring more than just material things.

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