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NEW => Raising A Renaissance Child

Breast Cancer: Reduce Your Risk

Pain relief -- Instantly! Examples of using EFT for pain relief.

Fly Jet Lag Free With EFT

Surrogate EFT - Tapping on Yourself to Benefit Another Person

Successful Arm Wrestling with Just Two Fingers

• Stop Fights Before They Start: A Potential Confrontation Turns Peaceful with EFT

• Test Before You Ingest: How To Determine What is best for your body with the Sway Test

• Stress Relief in five minutes (or less!)

• The Secret to Loving Relationships: Love Yourself First Using the "Mirror Technique" to build self-esteem

• The Secret Path to Abundance: Transform Your Life With The Temporal Tap

• Interview with Donna Eden, Master Healer

• Plug into your personal power to heal yourself & your world Connect with your energy centers (chakras) and stay balanced in these turbulent times

• Are Your Child's Headaches & Stomach Problems Diet Related? How one session of EFT overcame a child's allergies to chicken and corn syrup.

• Spring into Action Against Seasonal Allergies A simple method to sedate your allergic response.

• It's Always The Season For An Attitude Of Gratitude


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