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EFT Tapping for Allergies:
Clearing Two Food Allergies for a Young Lad...
In One Tapping Session!

by Gwenn Bonnell

*** Note: This issue involves the use of EFT on a medical condition. When treating ANY medical condition, including any sort of allergic reaction, please seek advice and approval from your medical professional. ***

The following is a post from the testimonials section of EFT developer Gary Craig's original website:

Dear Fellow EFT’er,

One of the most powerful uses of EFT is for allergies.

In fact, I helped an 11-year old boy reduce his sensitivity to two food substances a few years ago. This boy was VERY hyper as a youngster…I witnessed it myself. Our families had dinner together one night, and this boy could NOT sit still. Most of the time, he couldn't even sit! He spent most of the meal jumping up and down on his seat. Not surprisingly, ADD/ADHD was suspected.

Around age 6 he was tested for allergies, and he tested very allergic to chicken and corn syrup. This was sort of a relief…now that his Mom knew what was causing the problem, she was able to somewhat control his exposure to and intake of these foods. So he was not so "hyper."

That is, until he began going to parties on his own around age 11. Without parental supervision, his intake of soft drink and other foods that he was allergic to increased…of course he wanted to "fit in" with all his friends.

Unfortunately, he reacted to these indulgences with headaches, stomach aches, upset stomach and diarrhea. Often, he would be all night on Sunday, so sick he was not able to go to school on Mondays after a busy social weekend. His mother brought him to me on one of those Mondays.

When I met with him and his mom, his symptoms (headache and nausea) had subsided. So I began by addressing his allergy to chicken.

But first, I explained to him and his mother about muscle testing, (MT) demonstrating the "arm test" on statements he knew were either true or false, so he could get an idea of how it felt.

Note: CLICK HERE to learn more about self-muscle testing using the SWAY TEST which you can as a barometer for the 0-10 scale. Simply test various statements such as "I have an allergy to ______. It's a 10," or "It's a 5," or "It's a zero." ***

Then, we MT'd to determine level of intensity of his allergy to chicken…whether it's a 10, 9, 8, etc. on a scale of 0 to 10. (Zero is no allergy, and 10 the strongest.) He tested high…an 8.

After using a few rounds of EFT for his reactions to eating chicken…the headaches, the nausea, the diarrhea and the hyper feeling…his allergy to chicken tested at a zero!

Then we MT'd to see if the allergy would stay away in the future, and that tested positive.

The boy's reaction to all this was a typical preteen's…not much emotion or change in expression. In fact, he seemed bored. But he followed along with me anyway

Next, we addressed his sensitivity to corn syrup. Corn syrup (usually called "high fructose corn syrup") is in a lot of products. The one product this boy was especially drawn to was Coca-Cola, so we addressed his reactions to the Coke, and tested him after each round.

After he MT'd that the allergy to corn syrup was clear, I had him hold the bottle of Coke. I then MT'd and treated him for each individual ingredient in the Coke. After using EFT, he tested strong on being clear of allergies for each ingredient.

But I wanted to be sure. So I intuitively Muscle Tested whether he still had an allergy to Coke…and he tested positive! (Maybe some combination of the ingredients caused him to test weak -- or could there be a few ingredients not listed on the bottle?)

So we used EFT to address his allergy to "something in the Coke" until he MT'd that the allergy was clear, and would stay clear in the future.

He didn't seem too impressed, and of course his mother was skeptical - this seemed way too easy! What could I do but shrug my shoulders and say let's see?

I also explained that just because his allergy was gone, that didn't mean he could drink the entire 2-liter bottle of Coke without having a reaction. Even someone with no allergies wouldn't feel too well if they drank all that…Coke isn't exactly ideal nutrition for the human body! (As you can guess, Coke is NOT paying me to endorse their product.)

About a month afterwards, I saw his mother, and she told me it certainly seemed like his allergies had cleared up. He had no more bad reactions, even though he was indulging in Coke and chicken "in moderation."

Then the boy went away to summer camp, where the "only thing to drink" came out of a soda machine. Guess what? He made it through camp without any reactions to all that soda!

Although this article focused on addressing specific symptoms to specific known allergens, there is more than one way to approach allergies with EFT:

1) Especially during an allergic reaction, tap on the specific symptoms (the runny nose, itchy eyes, problem breathing, sneezing, coughing, upset stomach, etc.)

2) If you know what you are allergic to, you can tap on the allergic reaction to ______, either when you are in a calm situation or while you are having an active reaction.

3) It’s especially helpful to tap for your allergy BEFORE going into a situation that you know would usually cause an allergic reaction.

For example, if you have an allergy to grass, do a few rounds of EFT for “Even though I have this problem ____ (your specific reaction)___ to grass…” BEFORE you mow the lawn.

Or, tap for “Even though I usually have this ____your allergic reaction____ to cats…” BEFORE you visit your friend that has three cats.

4) Most allergic reactions were caused by “traumatic” emotional events in your past ties to the specific allergen. For example, perhaps you were at a family picnic eating corn-on-the-cob when your mom and dad had an argument, embarrassing you. Ever since, you’ve had a reaction to corn. Get the emotional tie-in? If you can uncover the emotion behind your allergy, certainly address that with EFT.

5) Finally, you can successfully surrogate tap (tap on yourself to help someone else) while they are having an allergy attack. I’ve had success using the phrase, “Even though __their name__ is having an allergy attack to whatever they are having an allergy attack to….”

Remember our motto with EFT: Try it on everything!

If you're not familiar with EFT, what are you waiting for? THE EFT SECTION on this website gives a great introduction, and my QUICK START TAPPING GUIDE is an affordable way to get started now.

Keep tapping for your own health and vitality!

Love & light, Gwenn

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