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How To Weather Hurricane Stress with EFT Tapping
(Emotional Freedom Techniques)

By Gwenn Bonnell

NOTE: You may not be in a hurricane prone area, but you can easily adapt this same process to your own private "hurricane." A tornado, an earthquake, a job loss -- the same process works for ANY kind of stormy weather!

Here in Florida,we've been threatened and affected by so many hurricanes that I can't even keep count. By now, all of us in hurricane country are experiencing more and more stress as a result of waiting and preparing, going through the storms, living without electricity and water, and cleaning up afterwards. Only to have the threat hit us again.

This is the perfect opportunity to understand how you react to stress. Where do you hold most of your stress? By now, the stress has probably traveled through your mind, affected your emotions, and settled somewhere in your physical body.

In other words, focus on how you feel stress now. Focus on how you would like to feel once you are past that stress. Then use EFT to neutralize anything that is standing in the way of getting you to the empowered you.

Here are some Setup Statements that you can use with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to relieve the hurricane stress:

"Even though I have all these fears about the worst happening, no matter what I do to prepare it's not enough, I accept myself anyway and know that I always do the best I can."

"Even though I'm overwhelmed with preparing yet again for another possible hurricane, we've been through this time and time, I'm fed up with all this, why do we have to keep dealing with this, I love and accept myself, and choose to remain calm and sane throughout this process."

"Even though I have all this anxiety about going through another hurricane, thoughts about what can happen keep going around and around in my head, I accept myself, and I choose to release all these fears and focus on how I've survived everything in my life."

"Even though my nerves are shot, I can't take going through this again, I accept myself anyway and just love feeling calm and peaceful."

"Even though I'm so stressed and I can't control my emotions anymore, I don't know how to get through this, I deeply and completely love and accept myself, and choose to breathe deeply and release all my stressful emotions."

"Even though it's emotionally draining to go through another hurricane, we haven't even recovered from the last one yet, and it seems like I fly off the handle at any little thing, I choose to remember that I'm OK, I've lived through the last hurricane and I'm OK, my family is OK, and I will live through this also."

Notice where in your body are you holding this hurricane stress. There's that helpless feeling, that stress of not being able to control the situation that you might experience in your back.

For me, it's in my jaw…grinding my teeth at night and waking up with a toothache in the morning. For my mother-in-law, it's in her shoulder…after repeatedly moving furniture and plants in and out of the house. I've heard others say they are just "wiped out" or "blown away" by all this. And of course (especially when the electricity fails) we're all just "sweating it out."

Use these metaphors (or whatever metaphor applies to you personally) when applying EFT:

"Even though I am holding all this hurricane stress in my back, I feel like I have to support everyone and everything around me, I love and approve of myself and I trust that my family and myself will remain safe."

"Even though all this hurricane stress is grinding me down, and I'm holding it all in my jaw, I love and accept myself and choose to release all this stress from my jaw because for now I am safe."

"Even though it's such a burden facing these hurricanes again and again, and I'm carrying this burden in my shoulders, I accept myself, love myself, and forgive myself and choose to find joy everyday in the little things of life."

"Even though I feel wiped out having to go through all this hurricane stress over and over again, and I'm afraid that a hurricane will wipe us out, I accept myself and choose to stay in my power and know that even if the worst happens I will survive and be OK."


"Even though Hurricane ________ wiped us out, it's over, I survived, I'm OK, and I choose to focus on recovering and being grateful for and focusing on what and who I have in my life right now."

"Even though I feel blown away by all these hurricanes, I choose to stay connected with the earth at all times and remember and be thankful for the people who do love and support me."

"Even though I keep sweating it out, and it seems like there's no end to it, I accept the situation, and choose to accept what I can't change and look for the positive at all times."

I know this all may seem too overwhelming right now, but remember that EFT works best when you are specific and persistent.

Find what metaphor works best for your situation, and get tapping. Over and over again.

Especially first thing in the morning, before going to bed at night, and when the intensity of your mental, emotional or physical feeling rises.

Just keep tapping… EFT has helped many people get through traumatic situations, and it will help you too. Just getting your energies balanced will help you cope with the stress of living through yet another hurricane.

Don't forget your children… they may feel even more powerless than you especially because it's difficult for them to understand why their routine is being interrupted. Get them tapping too!

Keep yourself safe. No amount of tapping can take the place of common sense.

Remember, EFT may help you (and your loved ones) make better decisions when you are afraid, confused, tired or weary. EFT may be the best solution to help you make the best decisions that keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

BEST ADVICE: When you are feeling overwhelmed and afraid, just GET TAPPING. Do not worry about what to say.

Because you are already in the moment, experiencing the trauma, intense emotion, etc., just tap...

You don't even have to say anything out loud. If you are in a situation where you can do the physical tapping without drawing attention to yourself, then do the previous shortcut tapping process and while you tap point by point, follow the above examples.

First, tap and describe (to yourself) how you are feeling with the situation, then tap and describe how good it would feel to let go of those stress emotions and then tap and imagine how you feel instead (balanced, focused etc).

Keep tapping for health and prosperity!

Love & light, Gwenn

P.S. Many blessing to all, especially those recovering from any hurricane damage. They all need our positive energy, prayers, and any financial support we can offer. I have been there so I can tell you that people who live through a natural disaster are so grateful to receive aid, even if it's a bottle of water, a bag of ice, or a blanket and pillow. Remember, what goes around comes around…donate now at http://www.redcross.org/donate/donate.html


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