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Energy Alignment, Part 2: Center Your Aura
by Gwenn Bonnell

As a resident of Florida, it seems like we’re right in the center of “Hurricane Alley” this year. Last week, while preparing for Hurricane Frances, I decided to go out and pick up a quick lunch. Just driving was an adventure…who needed a hurricane? People were manic, pulling out into the street without looking, double parking, running through stop signs, etc. There were long lines at the gas stations, and no parking places in front of the grocery stores.

By the time I parked in front of the restaurant, I was physically ill. Lightheaded and nauseous, I wondered what had come over me. I was fine when I left the house. Then DUH, I realized that I was picking up on the panicked energies scattered all around me. And I remembered that I knew how to overcome this.

So I sat in the car and took a few minutes to align my energies. I started with the Three Thumps (last newsletter), centered my aura with the exercises explained in this newsletter, and protected and strengthened my energies with the exercises I’ll explain in the next newsletter. As a result, I felt much calmer and centered, and was able to go into the restaurant and actually smile at people!

Do-It-Yourself Energy Alignment

Part of our energy system is the human biofield better known as the “aura.” This protective field surrounds and embraces the body like a human space suit. It’s job is to filter out energies we don’t need and attract energies we do need. Our aura serves us best when it is centered around our heart…centered top to bottom, front to back, and side to side.

When you aura is strong and centered, it may fill up an entire room. You feel happy, full of life, and positively influence those around you. When your aura is off center, your physical body and energy system are vulnerable to intruding energies, and you are not attuning to all the positive energies of the universe.

Your aura can be off center from top to bottom, from left to right, and from front to back. When your energy field starts at the knees, and goes above the head, you’re not well grounded, because your energy is not going into mother earth.

When your aura is off to one side of the body, you may feel “beside” yourself, walk unevenly, feel lopsided, and be a bit clumsy. Feeling “laid back,” is a sign that your energies are behind you. Conversely, if your aura is in front of you, you may walk bent forward, and feel “ahead” of yourself.

Center your aura from top to bottom with the Heart Massage.

1) Take your right hand, hold it over your heart in the center of your chest, and massage your heart in a circular clockwise motion. (Imagine a clock lying face up on your chest, and follow the direction of the clock as you massage.)
2) While massaging, repeat three times, “I deeply and completely love and accept myself, even with all my problems and limitations.”

One quick way to get the aura centered front to back and left to right is the basic Unswitching Procedure.

1) Press a finger or two of one hand in your belly button. I use my index and middle fingers of my left hand.

2) Make a prong with the fingers of the other hand and tap on both K-27 points, or collarbone points. Put your thumb on one collarbone point, and two or three fingertips on the other collarbone point. Tap or massage these points long enough to take two or three deep breaths while holding your navel point. (These K-27, or collarbone points were explained in last week’s newsletter. For the chart, visit http://www.tapintoheaven.com/2stuff/stufboost.shtml).

3) Keep your fingers in your belly button, and tap on your chin under your lip with your fingertips while taking three deep breaths.

4) With your fingers still in your navel, tap with your fingertips under your nose above your top lip, while taking three deep breaths.

5) Now just hold these points, the navel point and the “under nose” point. As you inhale, imagine an energy fountain moving up the midline of your body. As you exhale, allow the fountain of energy to shower back to earth.

6) Your fingers are still in your navel. Hold the spots on the back of your head just above the indentation where the skull rests over the neck (about one and one-half to two inches to each side of the back midline). Put your thumb on one side of the back of your head, and your middle finger on the other side. Hold this pose for three deep breaths. Keep your chin tucked in and your head level.

7) Now put the index and middle fingertips of one hand above the upper lip below your nose. Open your other hand flat and place it on your back just above your tailbone. Breathe energy up the spine, take three or four complete breaths, and relax.

Keep tapping for health & vitality!

Love & light,


Gwenn Bonnell is an International Energy Coach & Trainer and the author of many programs that teach you how to use EFT and Energy Medicine to boost your energy, improve your health, remove your blocks to success, reduce stress and bring zest back into your life...

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