Tap Into Heaven with EFT and Energy Medicine
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In the words of Vianna Stibal, developer of Theta Healing:

"ThetaHealing can be most easily described as an attainable miracle for your life. In ThetaHealing , we put to use our natural intuition. Upon learning this technique, you will see that everyone has intuitive abilities that can be used to bring about spontaneous physical and emotional healing. You will help yourself, as well as your friends and family, using this phenomenal process!

Rest assured that this technique is for everyone! ThetaHealing has already helped thousands of people in countries around the world, regardless of age, gender, sex, religion or race. When you learn this simple process, you will see the importance of spreading this knowledge."

Join me in learning Theta Healing this April 11,12 & 13, 2008, in Sunrise (Ft. Lauderdale area) Florida with April Colon-Pagan!


FRIDAY - SUNDAY, APRIL 11th - 13th

10 a.m. - 6 p.m. (Fri. & Sat.)
10 a.m. - 5 p.m. (Sun.)

PRESENTED BY: April Colón-Pagán, Certified Advanced DNA Theta Practitioner/Teacher, R.M.T., C.Ht, Certified Medical Intuitive

INCLUDES: International DNA Certification, DNA Level 1 & Level II Manual, DNA/Theta healing workbook

FEE: Early Registration Discount if paid IN FULL by March 28: $395.00. Therafter $425.00.

RESERVATION: $75.00 Non-Refundable Deposit Required

LOCATION: 10725 NW 29 Manor, Sunrise, FL 33322 (South of Oakland Park on Nob Hill).

"Renew Your Original Genetic Blueprint"

Recreate your life with grace and ease. Gift yourself with this phenomenal cutting edge development in energy medicine. DNA Theta Healing is certain to alter your life, transform and change the way you think and feel forever!

DNA/Theta Healing involves letting go of all beliefs about lack, limitation, fears, doubts and other states of consciousness that are less than our normal state of being that we often perceive as the natural human condition.

People who experience DNA Theta Healing are able to make quantum leaps forward with ease in all areas of their lives and at a rate of speed unimaginable. Many go on to assist in the healing of others as the desire for healing continues to grow internally.

For more info visit http://www.Heart-SoulSolutions.com or contact April@ (954) 825-9166

The direct link for workshops is

REGISTER NOW (Before March 28) FOR THE DISCOUNT directly by email TrivettShan@gmail.com or call April (954) 816-5963.

Be sure to mention me when you register! Please let me know once you register, it would be wonderful to get together with you for lunch (on me)!

Love & light,

P.S. I met with April today at the clubhouse where the training is being held. She is warm and welcoming, and the venue is open, surrounded by water -- very conducive to healing.

April was delighted that I have Vianna's book and suggested that I read it before the training... so I am extending the same wisdom to you... you can order the book today from

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