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The Secret Revealed, Part 3:
Beyond Positive Thinking - Positive Doing!

If You Want To Score, You Have To Shoot!

One of my brothers got married Sunday – so we had a semi-family reunion to celebrate!

During one of our get-togethers, we were watching one of the Final Four basketball games.

Which set off a memory for my brother Dave…He remembers me watching one of his 8th grade youth-league basketball games.

They lost the game.

(BTW, all 7 of us kids were athletic. Comes from having very athletic parents.)

Back to Dave…He remembered me walking onto the court after the game…And telling him, “If you want to score, you have to shoot!”

Obviously, he heard the message!His next basketball game, he made 6 shots in a row from the same spot on the court!

That is the message in this segment of Larry King’s show revisiting The Secret…

Just thinking about making shots ain’t gonna do it – you gotta shoot the ball!

Or, as James Ray explains, “If we became everything we thought about, then when I was in high school, I would have become a busty cheerleader, quite frankly. Because I really thought about them quite a bit.”

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Thursday evening, March 8, 2007, Larry King aired a follow-up TV show to his November 2006 show about "The Secret" movie, investigating how we create our own reality.

Here is Part 3 of this Larry King Live show discussing “The Secret Revealed!”

(VIDEO CLIP) JAMES ARTHUR RAY, PHILOSOPHER: How can you ever expect anyone else to enjoy your company if you don't enjoy your own company?

And so, again, the law of attraction or The Secret is about bringing that into your life. And you've got to get really, really clear.

Here's the question I wanted to ask you to consider -- do you treat yourself the way that you want other people to treat you?


RANDI KAYE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: A diamond ring, a husband, a new job -- ask, believe, you will receive.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don't have a doubt that it works.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is just new age packaging of century old snake oil.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is The Great Secret of life.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The title is very smart, very smart. If this appeals to something very universal in people and I think, you know, no one ever went broke overestimating the unhappiness of the American people.

(END VIDEO CLIP) KING: Strong stuff. James Ray joins us now. He is the author of "The Science of Success: How To Attract Prosperity and Create Harmonic Wealth Through Proven Principles."

He's in Phoenix, Arizona and he is addressing some 3,000 people waiting to hear his lecture. And they're all cheering him now. We hope they calm down a little so we can hear James. What do you make of the critics, James?

JAMES RAY: Well, you know, it's interesting, Larry, because any time a new idea comes to the fore, it goes through three phases. It's first ridiculed.

Then it's violently opposed. And then it's finally accepted as self-evident, normally after the opposition dies. And so what we're really doing here is bringing forth a new way of thinking and behaving that some people haven't considered before. So I -- I'm really -- I'm not surprised at all.

KING: We have an e-mail from Dan in San Antonio: "Why do so many people fail when they try this? I've been using The Secret ever since I saw it. I stay positive, but I continue to struggle with what I'm using it for.

Is there anything I can do to enhance my positive thinking?"

RAY: Well, you know, some of those that have talked before -- and you and I have discussed before, Larry, it's got to be more than thinking.

If you're just thinking, you know, if we became everything we thought about, then when I was in high school, I would have become a busty cheerleader, quite frankly. Because I really thought about them quite a bit.

But the bottom line is you've got to -- you've got to go three for three. You've got to have your thoughts, your feelings and your actions all firing and in alignment.

And what I would say to our caller is that there's probably one of those components missing. You look at anybody who's not creating what they desire and deserve, and they're missing one of those components. You've got to go three for three. And when you do that, you've really creating the live you deserve.

KING: Frankly, James, are you a little surprised at all the furor, pro and con, over this book and tape?

RAY: I'm really not, Larry, because, as I said earlier, when a new idea comes to the fore -- I mean you go all the way back in history to when Copernicus said that we revolved around the sun. He was condemned to hell for that, at that particular time. And yet now, today, it's accepted as self-evident.

And so what I believe is that people fear things that they don't fully understand. And so I -- I know that in a world of dualistic behavior, in a dualistic plane, which we live in, in the third dimension, there's always going to be just as much positive as negative. And so if you're doing wonderful things in the world, there's going to be people in opposition. That's just how it works.

And so I get excited when there are people asking questions, because it means we can dive to a deeper level of understanding.

KING: James, if everybody practices The Secret and everybody attains success, who's going to clean up the garbage? Who's going to drive the bus?

RAY: Well, you know, that's really an interesting question because I think that in many cases what we assume here, as we watch The Secret through certain filters, is that it's all about materialism and acquisition.

I submit to you that you can go after the money and you might get rich. But it doesn't mean you'll be wealthy. And so what I talk to people about is creating a life of what I call harmonic wealth.

And this is a harmonic state of well-being in the five key areas of your life. So, financial, relational, intellectual, physical, spiritual. And when you're in that harmonic resonance, if you will, a harmony in those areas, you could be driving a bus and that's exactly what you're here to do.


RAY: And you're truly wealthy and fulfilled.

KING: OK. Two candidates are running for president of the United States. Both believe in The Secret. Both use the power of attraction. Are they going to finish in a tie?

RAY: Well, you know, if they're watching the DVD, I guess we'll find out, as the election approaches.

But, again, I think what we have to understand, Larry, is that there are certain things that we're all designed to do. Not everyone is designed to be president of the United States. Not everyone is designed to be Larry King. Not everyone is designed to be James Ray.

We all have a special purpose and a mission to fulfill in this lifetime. And part of my passion is helping people really understand what true wealth is, that state of well-being, finding their unique gifts and then using The Secret to create the life that they -- that, really, they're meant to create and meant to live in this lifetime.

KING: I've got it. Let's get a call from Lincoln, Maine. Hello.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Hi. My name is Dawn. I have a quick question for James Ray.

KING: Go ahead.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I'd like to know why his seminar costs $995. What happens to all the poor people?

KING: ... why is it so much?

RAY: Well, you know, it's a great question. Here's the thing that I firmly know is true in this universe. It's a -- it's noble to charge for your services if you're providing a value.

And so I believe in the world that we live in, you are compensated in direct correlation to how much value you're providing. If you look at, you know, she mentions $995 -- it's actually $997. But -- my harmonic wealth weekend.

However, what you get is -- in return for that, I guarantee, is 10 times more than the investment that you make.

You see my question I'm always asking is how can I provide tremendous value to the world? And guess what? I've been blessed immensely by -- by focusing on providing value.

KING: James Ray...

RAY: And that's what I would like people to do, as well, in everyone.

KING: Thanks so much, James. We'll see you again soon. James Ray, part of The Secret.

RAY: Larry, it's great to be with you.

KING: Up next, some scientific questions about the so-called law of attraction. We'll ask a well known psychotherapist if it could actually hurt people instead of helping them.


RAY: We have an absolutely unlimited power within us and it's really an exciting time, Oprah, because it's a time when spiritual positions and science are now in total agreement.

WINFREY: Yes. I think this is so exciting because, as I said, I've been talking about this in one form or another all but -- since 1985 on this show.

RAY: Oh, no. Where has she been?

WINFREY: And when I heard about The Secret, I watched "The Secret" and I was so excited because I thought now it's sort of reached mass appeal.


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