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Energy Alignment, Part 4: The Crown Pull
by Gwenn Bonnell

This is the last installment of my Do-It-Yourself Energy Alignment series: #4: Open To Cosmic Energy With The Crown Pull

The Crown Pull opens the crown Chakra to higher inspiration and to these higher energies of the cosmos that surrounds and supports us. It will often take away a headache and refresh the mind since it releases stagnant energy and mental congestion.

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For your convenience, I’m also recapping the first three newsletters so you have the entire series of energy alignment exercises on one page. Doing this energy alignment every day will help keep you energetic, centered and creative.

For a more complete explanation of each exercise, you can view the first three newsletters at www.tapintoheaven.com/newsletters/index.htm (Scroll to the bottom of the page under “Energy Medicine.”)

Do-It-Yourself Energy Alignment
# 1: Awaken Your Energies with the Three Thumps
# 2: Center Your Aura
# 3: Protect & Strengthen Your Energies
#4: Open to Cosmic Energy with the Crown Pull

1) Awaken Your Energy With The Three Thumps
Thump the K-27 Points
Cross your hands and thump on the “collarbone points” while taking three deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth.
Thump the Thymus Gland
Thump in the middle of your chest with either your fingertips or your fist while
repeating the affirmation "My life energy is high, I am full of love," and taking three deep breaths.
Thump the Spleen Neurolymphatic Points
Thump or rub the depression between the 7th and 8th rib below your chest for two to three minutes, breathing deeply and repeating, "I have faith, trust and courage as I face the future. I easily assimilate all change in my life."

Center Your Aura - Heart Massage
While massaging the center of your chest in a circular clockwise motion, repeat three times, “I deeply and completely love and accept myself, even with all my problems and limitations.”

Center Your Aura - Unswitching Procedure
a) Press a finger or two of one hand in your belly button.
b) Make a prong with the fingers of the other hand and tap on both K-27 points, or collarbone points. Take two or three deep breaths while holding your navel point.
c) Keep your fingers in your belly button, and tap on your chin under your lip with your other hand while taking three deep breaths.
d) With your fingers still in your navel, tap with your fingertips under your nose above your top lip, while taking three deep breaths.
e) Now just hold these points, the navel point and the “under nose” point. As you inhale, imagine an energy fountain moving up the midline of your body. As you exhale, allow the fountain of energy to shower back to earth.
f) Your fingers are still in your navel. Hold the spots on the back of your head just above the indentation where the skull rests over the neck with your other hand for three deep breaths.
g) Now put the index and middle fingertips of one hand above the upper lip below your nose. Open your other hand flat and place it on your back just above your tailbone. Breathe energy up the spine, take three or four complete breaths, and relax.

Protect Your Energies with the Zip Up
a) Rub the palms of your hands together in a circular direction.
b) Place your hand (or both hands), palm facing the body, at the bottom end of the central meridian, which is at your pubic bone.
c) Inhale deeply as you move your hand slowly straight up the center of your body to meet your lower lip. Imagine pulling up a zipper to close it.
d) Repeat three times while saying "I am clear, centered, and confident". The last time, imagine “locking” the top of the zipper, and putting the key is a safe place.

Strengthen Your Energies with the Hook Up
a) Hook the middle finger of one hand into your belly button and the middle finger of your other hand between your eyebrows at the third eye point.
b) With a firm touch, pull each finger up slightly, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and relax.
c) Hold these points for a couple of minutes, until you feel yourself spontaneously sigh or take a deep breath. This indicates that the Central and Governing meridians are “hooked up.”

Open to Cosmic Energy with the Crown Pull
a) Place your thumbs at temples on the side of your head. Curl your fingers and rest your fingertips on your forehead just above the center of your eyebrows. Take a deep in breathe.
b) Breathe out, slowly press down and pull your fingers from the center of your forehead to the side of your face, so that you feel the skin stretch above your eyebrows.
c) Rest your fingers at your hairline and repeat the stretch.
d) Rest your fingers at the top of your head, with your little fingers at your hairline. On the out breath, push down with pressure and pull your hands apart to just above the ears.
e) Rest your fingers at the crown of your head, and repeat the stretch.
f) Finally, rest your fingers over the curve at the back of your head, with your thumbs where your head meets your neck. On the out breath, pull your hands apart to behind your ears.

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Keep tapping for health & vitality!

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