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The Secret Revealed, Part 5:
The Secret Behind The Secret - EFT!

On the Larry King Live show discussing “The Secret Revealed,” Larry’s guest talks about how to get past focusing on your partner’s “negatives.”

Does this ever happen to you? Having your partner interrupt your positive mood by throwing negative “vibes” you way?

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Later in the interview, Bob Proctor mentions that he focuses on the positive whenever he has a “bad” day.

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Here is Part 5 of the latest transcript of the Larry
King Live show discussing “The Secret Revealed!”

Thursday evening, March 8, 2007, Larry King aired a follow-up TV show to his November 2006 show about "The Secret" movie, investigating how we create our own reality.

Here is Part 5 of this Larry King Live show discussing “The Secret Revealed!”

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) BOB PROCTOR, "THE SECRET": One law, it is attraction. The secret is the law of attraction. Everything that is coming into your life you are attracting into your life. And it is attracted to you by virtue of the images you're holding in your mind. (END VIDEO CLIP)

KING: Joining us now is Bob Proctor, "New York Times" best- selling author, lecturer and counselor. He's been described as preaching the gospel of positive thinking and maximizing human potential. What is going on? What do you make of all this?

PROCTOR: I think it is a great thing. I've been in the business now for 38 years. I've been studying it for 47 years. And over the past 25 years, there has been a real spiritual transition I think taking place in the world. And I think this is just sort of pushing off into a new dimension.

KING: Were you surprised that "Secrets" did so well?

PROCTOR: I think everybody is surprised it did so well. I thought it would do very well.KING: Couldn't have predicted number one everywhere.

PROCTOR: No, no. You couldn't have. But it has done so well. I think Rhonda Byrne has done a magnificent job putting an idea across that a lot of people have been working with for a long time.

KING: Our tragedies -- Is 9/11 an interruption of the concept?

PROCTOR: I don't understand why 9/11 happened. But I do know this. That all down through history, things like that have happened. And we automatically assume that death is a bad thing. Death is a transition. It is much the same as birth. And I think people move on to the next phase of an eternal journey.

KING: Let's get a call for Bob Proctor. Glen Burnie, Maryland. Hello.

CALLER: Hi. How are you.


CALLER: Mr. King, I would like to ask your guest, I guess not so much a question, but how would I go about -- I would like to write a book about depression and I was attacked (ph) ...

KING: I think that's kind of off topic. I would rather you write in about that rather than the concept of doing a book a little off the topic. Maybe I guessed wrong. I'm sorry. Write to me, I'll put you in touch with the proper person on handling and writing a book.

An e-mail question from Donna, Gainesville, Virginia. "What can you do if a wife believes in practices the law of attraction but the husband does not? And if like is supposed to attract like, why do so many marriages involve opposites?"

PROCTOR: I think people are attracted for all kinds of crazy reasons when they're young. If a person -- if one person is focused on the positive, and the other one is focused on the negative, you can't see them as being focused on the negative. When people come to me with that, I tell them to write out 10 good things about their spouse and focus on those.There are positive things in the spouse too. If you're focused on what the spouse is negative, you're in a negative vibration yourself.

KING: What if you want to do something maybe that - refer to the lady -- that you don't have the talent for. What if you want to write a book but you're not a good writer.

PROCTOR: Then you probably get help. I wrote a book. I don't think I'm a great writer but I got help. We train people, we teach people, we have Secrets symposiums where we teach this to people. It is not just law of attraction. People have to start to understand themselves. Most people don't understand themselves.

Inscribed over the Arc of Apollo for the past 2,000 years are two words, "Know Thyself." The average person on the street thinks they are their name or their body. They don't know themselves. We go right through our educational system and learn very little about ourselves.

KING: Define attraction as it applies to "The Secret." What is attraction.

PROCTOR: Attraction is a law and you attract things into you. Your brain is an electronic switching station. When you think you activate brain cells. And those brain cells set up a vibration. You have got an electrical system in you that is second to none.

KING: That's a scientific fact?

PROCTOR: Absolutely. They're measuring brain waves. The brain is an electronic instrument. And our body is an electronic instrument. And we put our body into a vibration. Our mind and body. And whatever vibration is dictates what we attract. People focused on the negative will always attract it.

You will find people set goals off getting out of debt. That's the worst thing in the world a person can do. They should set up an orderly debt repayment program and then focus on prosperity.

KING: What do you do, Bob, with bad days?

PROCTOR: I think everybody has bad days. I think you eliminate the bad as quick as you can and get focused on what is good.

KING: But that's ...

PROCTOR: It is -- you can train yourself to do it. I used to have all bad days. Now I pretty well have all good days. I have bad parts in them but I don't focus on the bad. I get rid of it. But I completely changed the way my mind operates and I did it through education, through studying and going to people ...

KING: How long did it take you to get that?

PROCTOR: It's taken me 47 years but it's got better over the 47 years. Like, you know, you're asking earlier, will this -- you know, will this length in your life, I'll be 73, I got more energy than most people at 23 and I have got no intentions of slowing down. I don't think we have to slow down. I think we should calm down. We should control the vibration. We should be relaxed.

KING: Bob, I thank you so much. It's always good seeing you. Bob Proctor, "New York Times" best-selling author, lecturer and counselor, he has been described as preaching the gospel of positive thinking and as you can tell by being around him, maximizing human potential.

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